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Doodle Music

Closing date: 1 July 2010


To celebrate the launch of the bonkers music making app Inkstrumental for the iPhone and iPad and some fun work I’ve done for Music Exchange in Nottingham, here’s a new, free to enter, music themed competition!

16/05/10 | 54 comments | More >

Game On Mug

Closing date: May 1st 2007


Win this china mug made exclusively for the Game On exhibition at Science Museum, London. The mug is unavailable anywhere outside of the Museum’s gift store.

07/01/07 | 128 comments | More >

Candy Poster

Closing date: 1st June 2006

Congratulations to Gurps for the winning entry, it was a tale I could definitely relate to. As always there were lots of great answers, my short list of favs included the ones from brett, Elisa, Tara, Stephanie Welsh, jW, uberboy and qur. Thanks to everyone who entered.


Win this limited edition poster produced specially for Candy’s Sweet Talk event in March. This poster is unavailable anywhere else and will come signed and packaged in a nice card tube. Yes, a nice card tube!

To win simply say what your favourite candy or sweets are and why. The funniest / bestest answer will win the poster!
Good luck and remember, brush your teeth twice a day, especially after guzzling lots of sweets…

30/03/06 | 138 comments | More >

Zeebzeebs Cork Coasters

Closing date: 30th September 2005

This competition has now ended - huge thanks for everyone who entered.
One of the winners was Brett who sounded nicely neurotic. The other winner has now replied to the winning email (sent in October!) and has received their coasters.

Win win win some handmade, handcut, hand botched Zeebzeebs cork coasters.
Compatible with both hot and cold drinks!

24/07/05 | 127 comments | More >

Window Stickers

Closing date: 30th June 2005

The competition has now ended, congratulations to Amy and Joanne for their winning entries and super big thanks to everyone who entered.

Check back soon for the next exciting competition were you’ll be able to win some of my junk all for the price of a pithy response to an inane question.


You could of won one of a few very rare vegetable window vinyls and done this with it…


02/05/05 | 56 comments | More >

Signed Sickbag

Closing date: 1st May 2005

The winner for this competition was David H, who’s amusing line about ‘‘I don’t know which end to point at the toilet’’ I think we can all relate too. All the entries were great, thanks to all who contributed.


Win a signed Virgin Atlantic sickbag. These are extremely rare…

12/12/04 | 57 comments | More >
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