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Candy Poster

Closing date: 1st June 2006

Congratulations to Gurps for the winning entry, it was a tale I could definitely relate to. As always there were lots of great answers, my short list of favs included the ones from brett, Elisa, Tara, Stephanie Welsh, jW, uberboy and qur. Thanks to everyone who entered.


Win this limited edition poster produced specially for Candy’s Sweet Talk event in March. This poster is unavailable anywhere else and will come signed and packaged in a nice card tube. Yes, a nice card tube!

To win simply say what your favourite candy or sweets are and why. The funniest / bestest answer will win the poster!
Good luck and remember, brush your teeth twice a day, especially after guzzling lots of sweets…


My favourite sweet is marshmallow, because the marshmallow seems to be like my belly and my brain !
Please drink beer with it !

Posted by rim  on  03/31  at  11:40 AM

i love those liqueish and sherburt pods simply because when i was little i used to down all the sherburt and then blow it back out at people and clame to be a dragon… my friends faces went as white as sheets; you know they were terrified!

Posted by Miff  on  03/31  at  01:00 PM

Cant eat sweets!
Im a ‘cos im a diabetic

Posted by 'Boss from Denton  on  03/31  at  02:53 PM

don’t now, i’m kinda not into candy with a face and stuff…

Posted by vedran  on  03/31  at  11:53 PM

FAD MUSK STICKS- Because I can feel chic and debonair without blackening my lungs and being set upon by my athsma.

SOUR PITBULL- because they are the only lolly i rememeber being dissolvable and then drinkable..i think

DOUBLE PLUS ULTRA CHEAP LOLIPOPS (the thin ones in basic colours)
- because they are cheap and they are always nicer than the bigger, fancier ones, and cheap too.

SOUR PEACH HEARTS- because sour+love=the glamour of self destruction, GUM BALLS- also do this for me because you swallow them purposely knowing they will build up in your stomach and grow appendiges etc.

HOT WARHEADS- because you can’t get them in Australia anymore, well at least not in my parts, and they are sorely missed by me.

Posted by Byron  on  04/01  at  07:51 AM

I like any kind of sour sweets…those wide, flat, red sour shoe lace sorta ones are the best! If you eat loads they make your eye balls sweat! Mmmm

Posted by Daisy  on  04/01  at  04:46 PM

sweets are perhaps the best thing on this earth.  a sugar rush gets me hyped up to clean my flat from head to toe and arrange all my cds in alphabetical order.

when i run out of sweets (Any sweets, although i do enjoy a toffee crisp, after eights, cola bottles, aeros…) i have to try and make a chocolatey concoction.

last time it was whipped cream and nesquik chocolate powder.

in my student days it was a blob of water and hot chocolate powder to try and make some chocolaty goodness.

it really didnt taste as good.

now i need a job to afford sweets daily. but in the meantime, i’d love a poster to remind me of sweets all day. smile

Posted by Caroline  on  04/01  at  10:56 PM

candies..mmmmm! in my own semi-polish language they’re called cuxy and mean all the links i get and send with delicious sites just like this one! these candies are best and always make me salivate ;P

yeah, and there are all the mexican sweets i’ve tried (not that much though) with chili which u lick and suck.

a candy must be exciting!

Posted by sikova  on  04/02  at  08:33 AM

Sweets, Yes…My favourite sweet has to be sugar. It’s a sweet contained in every sweet on the planet (I think) also my choice because it was invented by me upon a small plantation in new Zealand 34 years ago, until then sweets were made ‘SWEET!’ BY SUBSTITUTING THE NON EXISTANT ‘SUGAR’ FOR LEAD SHAVINGS! something which until now had not been revealed, except possibly by magazines no-one reads, such as Time-out and Hello. The granulated crystals were a stroke of genius on my part, I’m sure you agree, tehre is no sweet substitute for sugar. Every kind of sweet on the planet rolled into one.AND IT’S ALL MINE!

Posted by blaupraust  on  04/02  at  06:06 PM

oh Jon, puuurrrlease pick me as the winner!!! i was at your Candy talk in the Sugar Club in Dublin but I didnt get one of your posters coz my mean friends pushed me out of the way and took ‘em all!!!! (im only 5ft and they’re all mean boys) Whats worse is that i was the one that made them all come along to see you coz your so damn cool. Wanted you to autograph one for me and they all laughed at me and called me sad. Please prove them wrong!!!!

Did by a zeeb zeeb to console myself though… its now the only friend i have left, sniff.

Oh, and my favourite sweets are cola bottles wink

Come on Jon, make my day?

Posted by shazmo  on  04/03  at  12:55 PM

the Parma Violet is the queen of sweets,
as this is the confection nobody else eats!

Posted by james  on  04/03  at  02:18 PM

although to some it may seem shallow,
but this candies are so cute, too bad they cant be swallow..
it may sound hollow,
but jon burgerman, is the creative genius that we should follow….

Posted by rawbean  on  04/03  at  03:16 PM

wooyay! (i love reading people’s funny comments!)

anyhoo..most favourite sweets have got to be those flying saucers with sherbert inside! ..are they actually called flying saucers? ..those erm..discy must know what i mean..

mmmm sherbert..

Posted by some random dustbunny  on  04/03  at  04:30 PM

I like all sweets, all sweets are just like any other sweets but haribo is better than all sweets. because sweets are sweet but haribos are nice, if you had given me a choice of haribo or some type of sweet (which is sweet) i would choose haribo. its like orange is orange, which is why its called orange. so thats why i like haribo because they’re not just sweets, they’re haribo sweeties, but sweeties and sweets are not the same thing, because sweet is a taste and sweeties are blocks of sweet made from stuff. so i love haribo!

Posted by Hamypig  on  04/03  at  04:40 PM

Like like jelly tots but i don’t,it’s because i like the suger but i suck it so much that i suck all the suger off so the jelly tots are sour i don’t like that kind of sour but i like i like jelly tots because they are sweet but not sour! wink

Posted by Black_Ox  on  04/03  at  04:47 PM

The sugar dummies wotcha get at the circus has to be the best sweets cos dey hold all the memories of wen ya were lil deep in their shiny texture.
As it drools down ya chin with your saliva; it brings a kinda happiness as ya lik it off streching ya tongue as far down as possible collecting every lil peice of its sugary taste.
And wen its finished after been stuk in the fridge for a week ( cos ya cant eat it all at once) ya lik ya fingers one by one with pride that OH YES! the dummie is finally finished woooo!!!
.:...:...:...::lol: LOL LOL:...:...:...:.

Posted by Sarah Burlinson  on  04/03  at  05:04 PM

- A little poem about sweets -
I like sweets, Any kind will do
Mojo’s, Space Dust and bottles are only just a few.
But if pushed to really answer, i’ve just got to stop and think….
Yes, it would have to be sherbet UFO’s.
Cause they made my poo bright PINK.

Posted by brett  on  04/04  at  07:14 AM

It has to be Rolo’s…but not those manky abominations of recent times - i’m talking old school hard toffee and nice chocolate

Posted by Geoff  on  04/04  at  12:35 PM

i choose strawberry bootlaces.

i start one end, lady and the trap stylee, no hands you see! multi task with my hands - day to day life -  but when i get to the end i start eating all weird and look like a tortoise.

knarw knarw knarw - is that the noise they make?

my eyes roll around a bit too, you should see it, i look like mick jagger with googley eyes.

cheers jon, keep on doodling, ur art inspires and makes me larf.


Posted by WiLL  on  04/04  at  03:32 PM

I like a Mars Bar whilst wanking over a Snickers Bar.

Posted by Shaun Tollerton  on  04/04  at  08:28 PM

It’s Easter! The time of year when Jesus comes out of his magic oven of love and gumbles and greedillyly muncifies all the chocolaterd EGGS he can find!!! For this spiritual and highly factual reason i hereby proclain my favoritestestest choco-candy-sweet **CHOCOLATE EGGS/rabbits!** 

Please can i win the poster i really admire your work and have little money to get a picture for my new bedroom wall, its this or something from Ikea!!  yes, it is that bad…

Posted by George Shapter  on  04/04  at  08:45 PM

Spiderman sweet cigarettes, not only do you get 10 sticks of lovely sweetness but you get FREE TATTOO’S, now how cool is that!!!

Posted by riot68  on  04/05  at  08:58 AM

mmmmmmm sweets my fave would have to be jelly babies cos when i see real babies being chauffered (yes i had to look up how to spell that!) around in there prams with there rainproof covers whilst im fighting against the cold with my holey gloves and brocken umbrella it gives me a satisfying feeling of justice when i bite the heads off the jelly babies! a nice person honest! smile

Posted by natz  on  04/05  at  11:29 AM

So many sweetie loves over the years it’s difficult to choose!  I used to go mental for Garbage Pail Kids, freaky stickers & chewy gum, what more could a little kid ask for in a choking hazard?
Does candy-floss count? I like that.  And sherbet fountains, flying saucers, double dips and sherbet lemons.  So sherbet really i suppose.  It taste’s nice, and it’s a really nice word.  Sheeer-bet…mmmmm.

Posted by Slim Chickens  on  04/05  at  01:56 PM

my favourite candy is _____________ (put whatever candy you can think of cos i like them all).

Posted by backdrifter  on  04/05  at  07:29 PM

Back when I was growing up, it was ok for men to dress up in costume and intice children across the land to lick their parts, of varying flavours I might add. However the innocence has been lost, but the sweets survive.

There can be only one winner of this competition, and that my friends is The King of Kandy himself. All rise please for (Squint your eyes now) Mr Bertie Bassett.

..............! !———————.—!!!

Posted by JW  on  04/05  at  11:34 PM

prob defin red sugar coated strings of stuff forgot the name. i love it cause it makes my senses light up and makes my creatives juices run like hell, helps with my graphic design work, also there a countless number of games to play and other usees like cleanin you TOES n fashions trends like nxlaces n brlets.
cheers richard mitchell, graphic com course cardifff which is a #### COURSE.

Posted by RICHARD MITCHELL  on  04/06  at  10:03 AM

my favourite sweet is the Lik-em-Aid sticks that come in the fun dip packages.

i never was to keen with using the sticks, so i always ate the powder straight, colouring my teeth funny colours. so then i would always save the yummy coconut-ish flavoured stick for last.

when i grew older , i began to buy fun dip soley for the sticks. i cant get enough of them!

Posted by michael skattum  on  04/07  at  01:37 AM


Posted by Raimondo Lauricella  on  04/07  at  09:22 PM

My favorite sweets are M&M’s, because I can eat the colors I like less firts, and pretend they are things I just really hate. And I always leave the best to the end: green. Silly…

Posted by Inayaili de León  on  04/07  at  11:37 PM

original flavour drumstick lollies are surely the be all and end all of of sucrose based snack foodage.  so. i had my fingers replaced with drumsticks… now just bare paper sticks.  woe betide the man who eats his own finger garnish.  xx

Posted by the kid nutkin  on  04/08  at  12:14 AM

I once lay on my back and poured a packet of nerds into my mouth. Then I poured a load of coke into my mouth whilst the sweets were still there. My mouth basically exploded and the, still fizzing, nerds were spattered all over my room. Once i recovered I found it hilarious, but my mummy was very, very angry and she banned nerds from the house. It was ok though because I used to go to the Jet petrol station and eat them with my firneds instead.


Posted by timmy wimmy  on  04/08  at  11:25 AM

Teeth and lips. they are the most wonderful sweets, because whenever you offer someone either a lip or some teeth they put them over their mouth and act crazy. i love it.

Posted by Aaron Miller  on  04/10  at  09:17 AM

I love apple whips! when i was a kid if i had a loose tooth me and my mates would climb this tree in a field down the road, wrap the apple whip around the tooth and pull it out! i dont really know why we needed the tree…. seemed like the perfect location at the time!

Posted by Denise Ryan  on  04/10  at  10:31 AM

Okay then… well that question is totaly like the hardest question EVER…

Candy… Floss is absolutly LUSH, back when i was a youngster id love to try and fit all the candy in my mouth at once and let it melt down into sugar… mmm .. i was a fatty! :D

Sweets… anything good to suck on… rhubarb and custard, kola cubes, rosy apples e.t.c!!!

I like to chew it chew it i like to chew it! Chewits rule… :D YES!!!

But the best of the best of the best has to be CHOCOLATE… Sorry but chocolate out rules candy and sweets any day.. though i guess its candy ... :S Nehoo..

CADBURY Chocolate… WOO YEH WOO!!! ITS Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!!

Life story :D

Posted by Katie Price (JORDAN) woooo  on  04/10  at  09:50 PM

Ah, the ying and yang of sweeties, the Jekyll and Hyde of Candy - it has to be Liquorice Allsorts.
From sugary sweet to Marmite sour, they’re karma in a bag grin

Posted by Mark  on  04/11  at  08:11 AM

my favorite sweet ok this is a hard one i like most sweets how can you discriminate, they all rock except them haribo foamy things i dont like them as much as the rest but if i was only allowed one for the rest of my life i think i would choose the classic apple (sour or normal) bootlace from woolworths. My reason ..................... i can eat a whole bag i one (thats impressive if you come from norfolk - its how we mate) i will show you if you wish but hey ladys sorry im taken smile

Posted by simon  on  04/11  at  12:59 PM

what a great competition. my favorite sweets have to be jolly ranchers, you can get sweet and sour all in one. they make your face gurn like a prize winning pill head, your eyes water and you get ulcers:snake:  gulp  . Nothing beats a nice sweet sweet, your salivery glans pump water into your mouth and then you dribble and stuff grrr zoiks. yeh i rock.

Posted by simon-says  on  04/11  at  02:03 PM

the sweets i like bestest are fizzy cola laces (38p) but you gotta eat a whole packet so that your mouth goes all tingly and hurty but in a good way. you also gotta drink tesco value cola (18p) or roller cola as we grown up skaty kids call it.  always after a day out in york or wherever whenme n my homies return to our home town and good ole tescos we put together our coppers to buy laces and roller cola so we can fill our mouthies with the sugary,tingly, but nice goodness :p

Posted by becqui  on  04/11  at  10:09 PM

I know this is going to sound cursy, but my favorite sweet has allways been the chocolate. I love other candys as well but i have a particular thing for chocolate. Sometimes when I’m eating it, the scene of “Omero Simpson in the candy world…. when he bytes the chocolate dog” crosses my mind and sudenley in my head the barr of chocolate that i’m holding starts taking all kinds of different shapes…......animals, carrs, flovers. Probably we all used our imagination to create our own candy world…........those are the sweetest thouts!

Posted by monika  on  04/12  at  07:06 PM

I know this is going to sound cursy, but my favorite sweet has allways been the chocolate. I love other candys as well but i have a particular thing for chocolate. Sometimes when I’m eating it, the scene of “Omero Simpson in the candy world…. when he bytes the chocolate dog” crosses my mind and sudenley in my head the barr of chocolate that i’m holding starts taking all kinds of different shapes…......animals, carrs, flovers. Probably we all used our imagination to create our own candy world…........those are the sweetest thouts!

Posted by monika  on  04/12  at  07:13 PM

I know this is going to sound cursy, but my favorite sweet has allways been the chocolate. I love other candys as well but i have a particular thing for chocolate. Sometimes when I’m eating it, the scene of “Omero Simpson in the candy world…. when he bytes the chocolate dog” crosses my mind and sudenley in my head the barr of chocolate that i’m holding starts taking all kinds of different shapes…......animals, carrs, flovers. Probably we all used our imagination to create our own candy world…........those are the sweetest thouts!

PS: (This looks silly but the first time I wrote the adress bad and the second time I forgoth to write this PS…..sorry)

Posted by monika  on  04/12  at  07:17 PM

come on no mention of gobstopers. the almighty one. the one u couldnt finish off with an army. usually takes at least a month to destroy throwing it at brick walls, but ive u get bored of it, u can always pot a window wi it. pure genius!

Posted by macky  on  04/13  at  06:37 PM


Posted by PlaysKewl  on  04/13  at  11:22 PM

Willy Wonka is my friend. I will Rule the Candy WORLD IN NO TIME!!! (ok, maybe not) Basically, I started the Candy Factory and Willy started the Chocolate Factory, we are good friends, REALLY! My Personal favourite would be the Pimp-my-tooth gum…the blings, the lovely pink candies…awwww… No, no, no, i think should be the Floss my Tooth Candyfloss, its sooo perfecto~ no worries with the candy having to stuck inbetween your tooth! such a classic~ Lovely. Anyway, I also have the Kiss-Goodbye-No-More-Minted Gum for Lovers and the Fathope candy for all you lovely Ladies out there. For more Candilicious Information, please call 1800-CandyCandy. Lovin’ it.

Posted by zm  on  04/15  at  02:59 AM

You people are gonna get fat and die alone in your king beds.

Posted by didi  on  04/16  at  04:03 AM

SMARTIES!!!! When I am finished I like to put the tubes on my cats legs and watch him walk around like a robot tongue rolleye

Posted by gur  on  04/16  at  11:49 AM

....also Jelly Babies so I can act like I’m a giant! AARRGG! mad run! run! little gelatinous citizens!

Posted by gur  on  04/16  at  11:52 AM

its alll about the sherbert lemons too, tongue turns into chernobyll woo

Posted by simon  on  04/16  at  08:25 PM

I like candi jewellery, it makes me pretty.
I can’t eat blue lollies, any blue lolly, they are too pretty…instead I put them in jars and look at them every day.

Posted by Kristen  on  04/16  at  11:25 PM

Babby Carrots

Posted by Nate  on  04/18  at  03:21 AM

My mother sends me an Easter basket every year, even though I no longer live with her, and this year was the best one I’ve ever gotten, hands down. It included:
2 bags of Candy Corn (my favorite candy, I don’t know why!)
A box of Cadbury Cream Eggs (not the gross caramel ones, the ones with the ooey gooey sugar blob in the middle)
A bottle of Ranch Dressing…?
A bag of Starburst Jelly Beans
A box of Claratin D (how thoughtful)
A giant bag of Garlic Croutons… (presumably to go with the Ranch?)

I love my crazy mother.

Posted by Beth  on  04/18  at  03:36 PM

Cherry Lips - So versatile. They are great when left in the sweetie bag in a cold place and go rock hard. But equally they are great when having been in a warm pocket and are lusciously soft (if you can avoid the pocket fluff).

Candy shrimps - The milky gritty taste of the sea. A sea where salt is replaced by sugar,obviously.

Refreshers - Not the bar but the rock hard block that then yields once you’ve had the courage to risk yer teeth.

So if you could please draw a giant shrimp (is that an oxymoron?) with sexy candy lips in the colour of a refresher bar please Jon.

Posted by mearso  on  04/20  at  12:57 PM

that bubble gum that loses it flavour after half a second and came as a flat pinkish strip that crumbled in teenage mutant nija turtle cards. because id have that then look through the new cards i brought so id descibe the taste as excitment

Posted by 45rpm  on  04/20  at  01:19 PM

i like to put fruit polos over my boyfreinds belly button and suck the fluff out through the hole.

Posted by kipikapopo  on  04/20  at  01:29 PM

Skittles makes me teef brittles.

Posted by eeshaun  on  04/20  at  02:03 PM

My favourate sweets are Nerds, becuase you can only find them in the most backward places on earth. Places where the seventies never happened, where cash registers are mechanical and the shops smell of dust and suspision instead of turps and profit margins. They transport me back to a more innocent time. And they’ve got a hardcore sour taste.

Posted by richard  on  04/20  at  02:08 PM

Ho Ho, my favourite wee sweties are anacide balls. Not only do they skin your mouth alive, their smell attracts dogs! A sweet that attracts dogs for godsake!

And they have a funny rouge complexion about them. Mmmmmm.

I thank you.

Posted by Paddy  on  04/20  at  03:05 PM

For me it’s Fruitella’s, for those otherwise missed vitamines! And to keep up my sweetness…

Posted by Erick Schluter  on  04/20  at  03:56 PM

in my country we make all kind of candies, when i was a kid i dont know why my grandma used to like all this candies, guayaba ones (guayabate) Cajeta, Cocada (coconout) pepitorias

candys are little day time dreams
the better ones are borrachitos

Borrachitos make my day happy,
Borrachitos its just a candy its a life style
borrachitos, just like the real ones, go with the flow
borrachitos covered with sugar

how sweet life can be if you are a borrachito ? i dont know, Saluuud (cheers)

Posted by okcarlos  on  04/20  at  04:36 PM

I have two favourite candies. The first story goes way back to the time when I was just a little girl having my “candy day” on saturdays. I always ate candies called “kiss-kiss”, named after the way people call cats here in Finland. There is a picture of two little kitties in the wrapping and the candy itself is the size of little finger and light pink in colour. . At the time my little sister was three years old and when she saw me eating “kiss-kiss” one saturday, she ran to our mom and said “Mom, Elisa is eating cat weenies, do something!” Ever since she has used that name for “kiss-kiss” and it’s still one of my favourite candy.

There is a story too behind the other candy I like. I was nineteen years old and working in a candy store. There was this new candy at the store -licourice dynamite. It was extra hot tasting “salmiakki” (finnish black candy) and super good. But little I knew about it until I saw the original packing where it was delivered to the store. It was a cardboard box with dope illustrations and texts (written this way) “Doctor Fäkface!”, “Kaboom!” and “It’s fäcking good, isnd’t it?”. It looked so rebel between the “old lady” chocolate boxes that I had to like it even more!

Posted by Elisa  on  04/20  at  04:37 PM

In the philippines candies are just as sweet as in any other country.But when cultures take a twist candy coudnt be more sweeter.  Chocnut or pinoy chocolate is a damn sweet peanut powder bar that are to die for! wrapped in simple matchbox foil, originaly sold in Sari-sari stores(grocery) , it is now a quintessential part of our POP culture. 
Crumbles with that peanuty texture and the lovely chocolate taste!

That sweet third world!

Posted by aj omandac  on  04/20  at  05:14 PM

I love chomping Parma Violets to bits like I’m the guy in the movies who stole a truck and drove it through a level crossing, or the titanium-tipped Eurotunnel digging machine set to maximum speed, or a badger stuck inside a cage made of chompable material, or a specially designed robot dedicated to the task of chomping - consisting only of a large jaw-like mechanical chomping system, two small legs with chunky wheels, cast iron teeth, a cool battery pack with LED lights on, a rocket pack, lasers set to chompify AND FINALLY cool little red glowing eyes indicating he is obviously a friend of yours.

Posted by Ben Brignell  on  04/20  at  10:42 PM

I just luv those little chewy white milk teeth. I think it’s mainly cos i’m jelous that i lost mine and i’m harking back to another era. I mean, I miss that lovely tooth fairy. Mine looked like Kylie’s Absinth fairy in Moulin Rouge. Could you think of a better reason?

Posted by rausheck  on  04/21  at  07:42 AM

I would have to go with Necco Wafers made by the Necco corp.  Really, the whole package is designed to foster feelings of nostalgia for the penny candy era.  The package is old school wax wrapping and the candy’s are plastic like bits of clay, I think.  The colors are muted already in a variety of pastels.  The already drab colored candy is coated in what can only be described as a loose white powder.  This further mutes the color of the candy AND makes it feel really weird.  The taste is only so so, but you can play CATHOLIC CHURCH with them!  “Body of Christ,” you say to your little playmates as you give them the licorice ones.  Because you hate the licorice ones.  You do.  Not me, I love ‘em.  All of them.  We still play Catholic Church with them now.  But first me and my mom drop a few hits of liquid LSD on them.  My mom loves getting on a nostalgia trip.  Whose doesn’t?

Posted by uberboy  on  04/21  at  09:39 AM

Tootty Fruties -

Coz they were actually tooty and fruity!

Can’t eat sweets that are pretending to be something they’re not!!

Posted by Danny Boy Pearson  on  04/21  at  11:11 AM

My fave sweet would have to be jelly worms as they remind me of all the worms I ate in mud pies while a child ohh

Posted by lucy Davies  on  04/21  at  01:37 PM

shut eye  raspberry
Flake - but not while driving as it makes me look like I have poo all over myself, so I swap it for a twirl!

Posted by Rees  on  04/21  at  01:43 PM

Fizzy Cola bottles all the way!

I don’t like the rubbish non fizzy ones, although I do feel sorry for them - its like they’re impotent or something.

Posted by matthew keen  on  04/21  at  01:58 PM

My name is Tara, and I am candy-holic. 
Despite being an admitted candy-holic, I’d like to point out that there is a fine line between being a candy junkie, and a candy aficionado.  Ah hell, who am I kidding – there’s no distinction.  I’ll eat it all!  Jujubes, Popeye Cigarettes, Sour Patch Kids, Gummie Worms, Runts, Nerds, Licorice sticks, Shoelace Gum, Hershey’s Kisses, Sponge Toffee, Mr. Freezies – my kingdom for some Sweet Tarts!  Oooh, I’m salivating like Pavlov’s dog just thinking about it all!
For a quick fix, I’ll scarf down a giant heap of penny candy; but when I’m feeling extra naughty, I’ll linger over a few of the most outrageously expensive, delectably sinful hand-made chocolate truffles. Either way, the euphoric wave that washes over me as the insulin rushes through my veins bringing me to the very edge of pure ecstasy, is the same blissful feeling of exhilaration that can’t be obtained by any other means than the simple, sweet, sugary delight of candy.
But I digress.  The question was, what is my favorite?  I guess I’d have to say that out of all the candy in candyland, Blue Whales are my favorite.  Why?  Cause they’re the gift that keeps on giving: if you eat enough of them - oh, how can I put this delicately? - your stool turns an alarmingly electric shade of BLUE!  Now that’s some candy!

Posted by Tara  on  04/21  at  03:11 PM

Hmm, pocky.

It’s a stick. It’s got chocolate on it. It’s tasty.

That makes it the swiss army knife of confectionary. LOL.

Posted by Raymond  on  04/21  at  05:00 PM

My fave candy would have to be pixie stix - i like to snort em thru my nose and swallow em cokehead style - its great getting 30 kids at Chucky Cheese to snort pixie stix with you while parents look on in horror

Posted by MANIMAL  on  04/21  at  09:17 PM

Millions are my favourite sweets although i havent had them in years. They taste oohh so good and last for ages. The strawberry ones were always the best.

Either them or lemon sherberts.. those were amazing too .. i like my sweets real chewy so they take ages to guzzle.. mmhmmm

Posted by Nat  on  04/22  at  10:04 AM

Sherbet Lemons! A fine specimen of a sweet, perhaps the finest! They are not a namby-pamby cola bottle with instant sweet/sour gratification, oh no!... They make you work for your reward. You have to suck the sh*t out of them before the sherbert orgasms into your mouth and tastbuds. hmmmmm….. (druelling about them already).

Posted by Paul Michael Smith  on  04/23  at  03:42 PM

Eat sweets, lose teeth, live fast, die young
i’m a dental rejection, i’m an oral bum
but i won’t retreat until i eat the last of the Chomps
if it spells the end of all the friends i’ve got in my gums

Watercress wrote those excellent sweet-related lyrics. My favourite sweets? Revels are pretty good, if only because you don’t know what you’re going to eat when you pick one out. And because cheap comedians can make jokes about people with nut allergies playing russian roulette with a packet of revels.

PS: I really like the candy picture! You should make your own candy paper and put doodles on it. Or maybe just get some rice-paper and make a pen out of licorice or something. thanks. bye.

Posted by Russell  on  04/24  at  01:19 AM

I once had a girlfriend called Candy but she didn’t turn out to be that sweet!

Best sweets ever are either drum sticks lollies or refresher bars…...FACT, Dave wins.

Posted by Davy m  on  04/24  at  01:07 PM

tooty fruity’s - for the strong flavour and hard shell.
pineapple cubes - for the ‘how many can you fit into your mouth in one go’ competition…. (25)
refreshers - for the fizzzzzzzzz
rhubarb and custard, because they last forever
eclairs, for the gooey bit in the centre

all the above are pre diabetes memories… now i enjoy the descriptions of how new sweets taste from tolerant friends. Loving all your sweet-toothed descriptions - thanks!

Posted by Emmaj  on  04/24  at  02:50 PM

I really like this danish candy called “Lakrisal” which is small pieces of licorice lozenge. Me and my best friend always eat them -and now and then we eat untill we get sick. Lakrisal have a very cool and original design in black, white and red. It is so cool that we collect the candypaper so I can use them as wallpaper in my room. I have over 500 little pieces of candypaper now, so I will soon put them up on my wall!
I just LOVE Lakrisal!

Posted by kri  on  04/24  at  08:10 PM

heee heee *childish glee* i likes eating sweeties all type of sweeties. i used to eat lots of penny sweeties but all my teef have fallen out, and i’m on a special list of people who sits in special chairs and go ‘buzzzzzzz’ because i pushed my teef doctor in front of a lorry when he said i’d neever eat sweeties again. Hee hee!

Posted by Bavman  on  04/24  at  09:42 PM

Paper… toilet paper… it has jelly doesn’t it?

Posted by Alfredo Mejia  on  04/25  at  03:14 PM

PEZ…all flavors, all the time! Any sweets that come out of a little plastic characters neck. pure genius!

Posted by Elaine  on  04/25  at  07:03 PM

it has always been you,
my beloved watermelon sour sweet,
from the moment we first met,
i can never think of another,
maybe that its now your gone that i remember you so sweetly, though you were always sour to me…baby.
my love, where have they taken you.

Posted by monosyllabic Troubadour  on  04/26  at  11:56 PM

My favourite sweet has to be SHERBERT FOUNTAINS!! I made my brother snort the sherbert once, and his nostrils bubbled like a foamy volcano.

x love and scribbles

Posted by Tommy J Scribblepants  on  04/27  at  12:36 PM

My favourite sweets are spunk
because they make me laugh.

Posted by Edward Harrison  on  04/27  at  04:42 PM

My favourites were sour eye poppers cus they made me suck my face to the size of a golf ball. very sour

Posted by poofly  on  04/29  at  09:55 PM

chocolates wil rule the world.
toenail favouring with pink nailpolish.
garnish with Ms Mackenzie hair sprouts.
serves one. kills three.
eat cold.

Posted by aliie  on  04/30  at  08:14 AM

My favourite sweets are those creepy looking lil pink prawns you can get in pick & mix! They are inkeeping with my obsession of all things sea creature-y. They are great to eat in the bath… but dissintergrate into pink prawn carnage if you try make them swim. Trust me, I know!

Posted by Bee  on  04/30  at  09:25 AM


Posted by Carmen  on  04/30  at  01:51 PM

My favorite sweets are/were iron bru bars…
This is why….. Every day when I walked to school I used to stop off at the local newsagents to pick up my healthy daily breakfast which consisted of 1p sweets.
So it was a normal school day and I needed some sugar, so in I go to pick up my penny sweets.  Upon seeing the all new stock of bars I decided to opt for the bright orange and quite tempting packet, known as the iron bru bar.  I bought the sweets and was on my way, on opening the packet I thought ‘wow, this is sticky’ I bet I can roll it into a ball… that’s exactly what I did, and chucked the whole lot into my mouth.  (BIG MISTAKE) upon my first bite I successfully imbedded most of my teeth into its no-need-for-nails formula; next thing I know out comes my tooth.  So ironically my mouth did taste of iron, which was nice.  So, I screamed a bit and surprisingly ate my bar.
That night I took my tooth that had come out and placed it under the pillow as I’d been told that a fairy replaces it with money.  Next day I wake to find a whole pound, ok, I’m ecstatic. I was so excited from my new found richness; I counted all my teeth to see how much my mouth was worth.  Turns out quite a lot, I never had the courage to pull one out, although I did tie a friends tooth to a door and shut it really hard.  But he didn’t get any money because he got grounded instead.  Sweets are the best!

Posted by gurps  on  04/30  at  04:46 PM

my worst sweet is cough candy…its vile and tastes like sambuka the morning after the night before…and my obsession with being different may have cost me a limited edition poster…booooo but i quite like rhubarb and custards

Posted by Amelia Wood  on  05/01  at  01:30 AM

Mr Cadbury met Ms Rowntree in a room on Quality Street. It was After Eight, he turned out the light for a bit of Black Magic! he slipped his hands in her Snickers & showed her his CurlyWurly.  Not keen to have any Jelly Babies she let him take a trip up Bourneville boulevard.  She screamed with Turkis Delight as he took out his Fun Sized Mars Bar it felt a bit Crunchie & she wanted some Time Out but he did a Twirl & had a Picnic in her Pink Waffers! My favourite sweets are dirty ones!

Posted by Mr.Soft  on  05/01  at  02:35 PM

candy candy dem all fine and dandy

Posted by Jenniey  on  05/03  at  01:49 PM

Sour gummy worms cause they make you go shiizzle…

Posted by Reece Lawson  on  05/03  at  10:47 PM

It has gotta be M&M’s. I’m only allowed to melt it in my mouth, not my hands and they are gentle to my braces tongue wink

Posted by sin  on  05/04  at  03:27 AM

vanilla coke for breakfast!

Posted by fledder  on  05/04  at  03:54 PM

Pick a favourite candy?  Isn’t that kind of akin to picking a favourite child?  (Even though we all know it’s always the most successful kid of the litter.)  Since I can’t think of the most successful candy, I’m gonna go with Starburst.  I used to share those with my sister, and she would spit them out like gum for years until I finally caught her.  I don’t think I’ve bought Starburst for a long time, now that I think about it, but it’s probably the most amusing candy story I have.

Oh, and caramel apples are probably the best thing ever.

Posted by Stephanie  on  05/04  at  10:09 PM

Personnely, i think that Jelly belly are dellicious:
-you can it them, very good
-you can make mosaique, so many colour!
-you can play, make a mini house, and imagine they’re alive
-You can do so many with Jelly Belli, i can’t give you the all posibility, juste a last sentence:
—>Just try, jelly belly can make you crasy

Posted by Boris  on  05/05  at  03:07 PM

My favourite were simply Parma Violets , that purple pastel colour, that sickly saccharine ‘perfume-y’ taste, and, they smelt like your grandmother.

But now its Werther’s originals!! smile

Posted by Louis O'Sullivan  on  05/05  at  05:09 PM

all pic ‘n’ mix, eating 9 quids worth of it before a film has started…
man i was blazing! i believed kevin costner was robin hood in that film…

Posted by Bo.shanks  on  05/06  at  08:54 PM

oooh ice gems ice gems…all icey and gemness like.
Reminds me of parties when I was a littlelen, and now, cause im older but still loving them.  I like eating them in two parts, eating the crunchie bisquit..then eating the sugery gem.mmmmmm(goes off to the shops to buy a pack)

Posted by Lizzylizzlizz  on  05/07  at  05:24 PM
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