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Closing date: 1 July 2010


To celebrate the launch of the bonkers music making app Inkstrumental for the iPhone and iPad and some fun work I’ve done for Music Exchange in Nottingham, here’s a new, free to enter, music themed competition!

The question was: What is your favourite music to doodle to and why?

The best / funniest / smartest answers won an exclusive Music Exchange t-shirt - see below!

Sjors in his t-shirt.

Dom in his t-shirt.

**The competition closed on 1 July 2010**


the Dillinger Esc Plan (tDEP). With all the screaming and weird tempo’s you get strange lines.

Posted by Frank van Leeuwen  on  05/17  at  12:11 PM

When doodling I like to listen to Street Fighter work out music. The reason for this is that it gets me pumped up and I draw better when I dance at the same time. Also the song has mad guitar solos. Every song should have a mad guitar solo and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t deserve to exist.

you can listen to it here:

p.s. loving the tees

Posted by Christos Savvides  on  05/17  at  12:12 PM

Instrumental of course, something with a lot of beats and instruments! Music like the verve - bittersweet symphony, Battles - Atlas and Beethoven Symphony No5 because you can move the pencil with the music and doodle like your the equalizer! Not taking my pencil of the paper and scroll it across the paper when the music beat gets louder and then down when it gets quieter, curl the pencil lines if the music is loopy! If music was paints then it would create a fantastic doodle!

Posted by Laura Jayne Smith  on  05/17  at  12:16 PM

It has to be:

Cal Tjader - Solar Heat

Reason 1) There’s nothing like the vibe-brations he gives me

Reason 2) ‘Solar Heat’ is an anagram for Art A Holes

Posted by Steven Moore  on  05/17  at  12:25 PM

The music of life?

I can’t actually doodle to music, I find myself tapping the pen against the sketchpad or my leg instead of putting it to paper, which inevitably infuriates anyone nearby. Instead, I like to sit outside on a bench, the ground, at a cafe, by the river, or up late in bed, and either listen to what’s going on around me—eavesdropping on the last half of conversations for additional bouts of inspiration—or trying to convince myself that what I’m about to draw won’t be terrible.

Posted by Daniel Purvis  on  05/17  at  12:48 PM

Well, it would have to be Jazz… after all, you can never have enough doodles of saxaphones :p

Posted by Georgina Kent  on  05/17  at  12:48 PM

I love listening to jazz while doodling. The sound of Stanley Turrentine´s saxophone gives me flow and I feel very arty-farty. Improvisation music to go with some improvisational doodling :D

Posted by Rikard Favati  on  05/17  at  12:50 PM

I love listening to Daft Punk. I especially love listening to ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’, as it really gets me motivated to… draw. Obviously.

Posted by Amber Burton  on  05/17  at  12:53 PM

Disco stuff. Because the boom boom, the clap clap and the ring my bell.

Posted by Pablo  on  05/17  at  12:55 PM

Pooh Man - (Mc Pooh)
Funky as I wanna be

Not only is the album cover a classic

its the way I like to roll… smile


Posted by Richard Garnett  on  05/17  at  01:02 PM

Has to be Minus The Bear. The track names are inspiration in themselves (‘Hey, Wanna Throw Up? Get Me Naked’, pour examplé). Most of their tracks are delicately complicated, the more I listen the more I can appreciate how much depth there is to both the lyrics and the music. Real easy to lose myself in and get inspired from =)

I guess the fact I can’t draw come hell or high water isn’t really a major bonus, but at least with Minus the Bear, I can pretend with the best of them.

Posted by Dom Udall  on  05/17  at  01:15 PM

I like listening to soundtracks from games or films.
They hardly ever have lyrics, so you dont get distracted too easily and they tend to give accross a certain emotion, so you can find one to suit what you want to draw ouo
epic action music like requiem of a dream for drawing epic battles, happy upbeat music like the sleepyhead remix by passion pit for drawing more fun colourful goodness! ouo

Posted by Ben Brown  on  05/17  at  01:18 PM

Celldweller, IT GETS ME ALL PUMPED UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ayesha Farooqui  on  05/17  at  01:33 PM

J’t'emmène au vent by louise attaque always gets me going creatively. nice beats, nice lyrics, nice melody.
although generally it’s better for me to draw to stuff which has no lyrics i find this is good cause i cant quite understand the french fluently it sort of washes through into some good creative energy smile

Posted by Rowena  on  05/17  at  02:13 PM

I record the noises my cats make, I then mix them with the current pop songs, I get down to this when im doodling pictures of my awesome cats.

I also doodle pictures of myself recording my cats making noise. its a vicious circle.

Posted by Cat Lad  on  05/17  at  02:35 PM

I like music that I can put on, forget it’s playing and let it seep into my subconscious. Boards of Canada are great for that!

Posted by Helen  on  05/17  at  02:45 PM

The theme tune to Dario Argento’s ‘Tenebre’, by Goblin.

It’s a strange synthy keyboardy sega-mega-drivey sound that makes me happy =]

Have a listen!

Posted by Johnny Patience  on  05/17  at  03:07 PM

Pencil – Gza Rza Masta Killa

Eraser - Rennie Pilgrem

My Pen and Pad - Blackalicious

What’ll I Doodle-Oodle-Oo by Dorris Day

Where do ya draw the line? – Dead Kennedys

Anything by Color me Badd

Posted by Dom  on  05/17  at  03:22 PM

It’s gotta be Daft Punk. Discovery is one of the best albums around and you just can’t beat ‘em. Daft Punk’s work inspires so many musicians in the world today, and it inspires me when I doodle too!

Posted by Kiran Morrison  on  05/17  at  03:38 PM

I’m going to go with Jimi Hendrix - something about the psychedelic guitar riffs just gets the pen flowing across the page as if it has a life of its own!

Either that, or the Pokemon theme tune!

Posted by Colin  on  05/17  at  04:25 PM

I like to doodle on the bus. Perhaps the combined rythms of the wheels and the squeaks of the aged suspension and not entirely secure seats are what puts me in the right mood. Does the number 7 bus from Newton Aycliffe to Durham count as a band?...

Posted by James Wilkinson  on  05/17  at  05:28 PM

So here is my iPod and here are stacks of CDs. Here are my speakers and here is my stereo. Acrylic paints are jumbled in a shoe box and markers are neatly arrayed according to the rainbow. Now what to listen to? I tap that wonderful side-triangular button to commence a different kind of musical and artistic experience. Maybe The Temper Trap, Bibio, The XX, Beach House or something else (to name a few) will find its way rejoicing through my sound system (maybe even Burgerman’s mixtape of ‘09 will appear?).
But whatever it may be, there is all of a sudden a disconnect. Once Beach House proclaims, “Norway, waay wayy ayy ayy” there is no-way I am present at all. Every fiber, muscle, tissue in my body detaches from my brain and becomes attuned to the beats, the rhythm, the individual notes. Soon, everything becomes intertwined with essence that is music, and then carried by the waves we call sound. As my head becomes the metronome, my bones begin to feel the rhythm. It runs down to my hands that strum the strings, individual fingers that are banging keys, and my foot banging the bass drum. All of this somehow translates to paper. The soul and musicality inspire every color, hue, line, and even dysfunctional mess that becomes the paper. Music is definitely a transformational medium that generates all sorts of doodles, crafts, and other visuals, that amplifies the experience (literally, bump that baby up).

Posted by Haley  on  05/17  at  10:29 PM

The best stuff is the happy-go-lucky songs you can find in Media Molecule’s game, Little Big Planet. (My Patch by Jim Noir, Get It Together by The Go! Team). When listening to them, I just imagine some fat cartoon kid singing them loudly and obnoxiously. That’s all the inspiration I need. Some fat kid singing…

Posted by Rodrigo Luna  on  05/17  at  10:42 PM

anything from Wax Tailor

Posted by illustrativo  on  05/17  at  11:56 PM

I listen to Phish,
they help inspire some of my most random thoughts in a way that makes sense.

Posted by Eric Stanley  on  05/18  at  02:43 AM

Depending on my mood & weather I listen to different music - I usually put on one album and play it from start to finish and start doodling before I try something more ambitious.

If it’s rainy, I like to chill out to Bon Iver
If it’s a sunny morning, nothing gets me going like Phoenix, but like always, you always discover more music you love and old favourites get better with each listen.

The best feeling is when you lose touch of reality until either the album or drawing is finished (whichever first)

You stop, admire and then pick another album smile

Posted by Jonathan Sing Key  on  05/18  at  06:45 AM

i like to listen to lots of music on shuffle, i like to sellotape my elbow to the speaker cone and let the music do the drawing. sometimes i like to get all metal and the drawings come out evil and fluffy, drum and bass gets it all technical but dont ever draw to country and western as all you get is drawings of dead dogs and divorce.

Posted by gerry  on  05/18  at  10:46 AM

What I listen to varies to how deep I want to score the paper & which pencil grade i have to hand.
I am a troubled skitz doodler who is blessed/cursed with many personalities I refer to as ‘monsters’. I invite the appropriate monster to channel through my hands with the music as an opening invitation. So sometimes I have to be a wee bit careful…

More recently;
• Unkle’s ‘Burn My Shadow’ makes me want to actually destroy the paper.
• Kruder & Dorfmeister makes me feel like I have just smoked a stolen roll from Bob Marley.
• most Classical makes me draw flowers as if Mucha lives in me.

I may only comeback to normality once I have a cup of tea in my hand - until next the next tune comes on…

Posted by Emilver  on  05/18  at  04:30 PM

It has to be something I know really well (Bowie or Led Zeppelin) so that I can listen to it with half an ear - ooh does that mean I channel Picasso?!

Posted by Tracey Chorley  on  05/18  at  05:28 PM

I can doodle like crazy to the 30s electric hyperjazz of Sir Raymond Scott. It inspired the makers of Looney Tunes, those dudes that made Ren & Stimpy, so it’s only logical.

That, or the ticking of a wallmounted clock.

Posted by Sjors Houkes  on  05/18  at  06:27 PM

Well i just gotta say pump it - black eyed peas, this song literally pumps me up, i love listening to when i’m doodling! it makes my hand flow.

Posted by Neil Shah  on  05/18  at  06:33 PM

@Tracey Chorley – Do you mean Vincent Van Gogh?

Posted by Anita Correctchu  on  05/19  at  06:21 AM

@Anita I completely and utterly mean Van Gogh! I can only say that my mind was elsewhere!!!

Posted by Tracey Chorley  on  05/19  at  08:06 AM

I just come across a video of yours, explaining your struggle or angst into becoming who you are today, I’m having the same problem…but now I can definitely say that all the things you have done I have noticed and I am now familiar with your work.. the music I love to draw to has to be something with rhythm and soul, I think maybe the occasional Michael Jackson and UB40 mixed up with Chase & Status and the Prodigy…I guess it all comes down to what mood I’m in, the music chooses the mood and the drawing is effected by the music.
I am envious of your illustration skills, they are so quirky and unique, and I love it.

Chloe x

Posted by Chloe Bruce  on  05/19  at  01:59 PM

I’m gonna romp and tromp till midnight
I’m gonna fuss and write till daylight
I’m gonna sketch a wang dang doodle all night long
All night long, All night long, All night long

make me wanna dooooodle

‘Wang Dang Doodle’ - Howlin’ Wolf

Posted by Steven Elliott  on  05/19  at  02:31 PM

For me its:

The Beep, beep song by Simone White

Asleep on a Sunbeam by Belle and Sebastian

Fastest man in the world (Usain Bolt) by Vybzkartel

I listen to them because they are fun, breezy in an uber nostalgic way. grin

Posted by karo akpokiere  on  05/19  at  07:31 PM

I just drew a suicidal mantis whilst listening to The National and drinking tea :D

Posted by Jonathan Sing Key  on  05/22  at  11:17 AM

I love listening to Bob Sinclar’s crazy beats and dancing during the whole process. It’s so much fun and I get to burn some calories too!!

Posted by ananakimoo  on  05/24  at  06:31 PM

hey i love listening 2 all time low their music makes me feel good n then i draw just random stuff allover the page i’m not the best doodler but i’m practicing all day and night !!!!

Posted by nathan richards  on  05/25  at  12:36 PM

Heyy, Thing is I like all music, so anything that comes on makes me draw.
Yet, each style of music sometimes makes me draw differently, like sad music will full on get me drawing not so much depressive, but you see where I’m going with this (I hope)
and then you get dance and rock that will just make me have a jig while drawing. smile
It’s all good!

Mmta, ;D

Posted by Becca  on  05/27  at  01:02 PM

Well it would help if I could even doodle! I’m not too bad at doodling during lectures, not so much with music, but if I could I would love to doodle to the muse or royskopp. mmm

Posted by Sara  on  05/29  at  12:33 AM

Depends on mood and doodle but oldschool jazz, makes me feel like I can do somrthing classic and timeless , soundtracks for epic scope, dance or funk for loose drawrings

Posted by Eug  on  05/29  at  01:37 AM

As i hear, Carry on my wayward son,play colors from my brain flow down the drain as i think of all the colors in my head, yellow, blue,purple, and red.The oodles of doodles and then maby the noodles, then the pencil starts to draw rolling, swivering,curving and jumping. As i doodles a scene plays out people animals and things all about.

Posted by Elias Santos  on  05/30  at  03:29 PM

I use to doodle on buses and trains, i don’t know what’s more inspiring… the bonks, the sellers (here in argentina, sellers shout a lot of amazing words to make you buy a lintern-pen-lighter all-in-one), the people (usually angry or talking about TV shows), cumbia rythms ringtones… all so… when i doodle at home, i have the noisy avenue under my window… it’s a little traumatic, but make me loose on my papers, and when i’m tired of that, i just press random on my i tunes and get sorprised with the mix.
(sorry, my english must stinks)

Posted by claudia  on  06/01  at  11:03 PM

Doodley music!!!

Posted by CHRISTIE PODIOTI  on  06/02  at  10:10 AM

push the tempo - fat boy slim

first you have to watch the video

I get some crazy outcomes listening to this tune, when it starts i just lose control of my hands. The pen goes off the paper across the desk onto my walls and beyond…..... peoples faces etc…  also made me throw my pen out the window

i recommend it

Posted by Jason Drake  on  06/06  at  07:43 PM

I like listening to George Formby - I get so into it I sometimes forget to doodle!!!

Posted by Richard Wigg  on  06/09  at  11:23 AM

I listening to dance music like bronski beat- smalltown boy whilst i doodle..because i can bop around wildly with my pen against a large peace of paper on the wall and who knows where my pen will end up when i jump and dance a the same time…then i just finish it by adding nostrils to all of the random circles..then they become faces!

Posted by Alice Hearing  on  06/12  at  06:40 PM

cold nights but sunny days in wintery sydney at the moment. something fast paced + energetic like a john “00” flemming psytrance set during the day and at night something warm + comfortable like the beatles, michael franti or the cure… ah, food for the soul and the doodling engine

Posted by shu  on  06/15  at  01:27 PM

i like to listen to lionel ritchie as the tears i cry make the ink run and create beautiful images. shame lionel doesnt tihnk so when im sat in the tree outside his house!! i cant help it…im too broke to buy his cd!

Posted by bradley cann  on  06/16  at  08:47 PM

i like to listen to sounds that you cant predict. the randomness of sound can be the biggest inspiration

Posted by beastie  on  06/19  at  08:50 AM

If I want my doodles to look all crazy and weird and unpredictable I put on Aphex Twin,

If I want them to look sexy, Massice Attack’s Mezzanine does the job,

If I want to go epic (I mean EPIC!) I put on Nine Inch Nails,

so for every taste of doodle, I can dig up a song or band from my iDoodle mp3 player.

And if I truly want to be surprised: i put my iDoodle on random shuffle.


Posted by jeps  on  06/19  at  02:13 PM

DMC - It’s like that (It’s like that (what?) and that’s the way it is. Huhh!

or stornoway - zorbing

Posted by Kirsty  on  06/29  at  02:13 PM

i usuly listern to bubblegum octopus he is a relatively unknown artist from amaerica.  the main reson i find his music inspiring is because of his random lyrics eg “In the coffin, we play checkers In the coffin, we drink soda, In the coffin, we have flashlights, In the coffin, we have fun all night” just some of the random words you here in the vocal parts kjust make you want to draw, thanks to M@ the C@(the composer) my room is coated in drawings and i have whole books devoted to my doodles!!!

Posted by Josie French  on  06/29  at  08:08 PM
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