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Competition | Game On Mug

Game On Mug

Closing date: May 1st 2007


Win this china mug made exclusively for the Game On exhibition at Science Museum, London. The mug is unavailable anywhere outside of the Museum’s gift store.

To win say what your favourite cake, biscuit or snack to accompany a hot drink (like tea) is and why. The most interesting answer, comic or tragic, will win!

The winner will be notified by email after the closing date. If the winner fails to reply to the email the prize will go to the second best entry. The jugdes decision is final, and no amount of bribing will convince him otherwise (unless it’s a really good bribe).

The winner will be announced shortly, thanks for everyone who entered.



Posted by MR. E  on  01/08  at  04:09 PM

yeah! I agree with Mr E

Posted by Martin Spiers  on  01/09  at  11:31 PM

Any kind of biscuit that you can dismantle. A tunnocks ( ) straight from the fridge, so that the chocolate cracks, and one is left with the mallow dome, which is then licked up.

Jaffa cakes, obviously are great to deconstruct.

Posted by Mearso  on  01/10  at  09:02 PM

Favourite tea drinking partener would have to be either party rings or jammy dodgers! Hmm any biscuity treat with a hole in the middle is good, esp when you are missing out on those nasty calories from the hole! smile

Hubba xx

Posted by Lesley  on  01/10  at  09:11 PM

Devonshire Cream Tea! You may ask why? I say “why not”. You’ve not lived till you’ve had a proper Cream Tea… @##!! My wife says “an Almond Croissant and a cup of Tea, what else!”. Owww!! We both say “an Almond Croissant and a cup of Tea.”

Posted by theApe  on  01/13  at  04:47 PM

You should give me the mug because I’ am a Jaffa!

Posted by Andrew Bradford  on  01/13  at  05:25 PM

pandesal - that’d be my choice of bread to go w a rich cup of coffee in the morning. it’s a sweet bread roll popular in the philippines. kinda like donuts are here in the states. when i was a kid i watched my grandparents tear the bread into smaller pieces and soak them into their steaming coffee. how odd i thought it was to stick a piece of food into a hot drink!? maybe it’s the nostalgia and history behind it that soaks my love for the two. or maybe i’ve just become enlightened to an awesome combination that helps me get started w my day. cheers!

Posted by dennis infante  on  01/13  at  06:47 PM

Pink waffers…

That is all

Posted by Tom  on  01/14  at  06:07 PM

I challenge anyone to not dip a Tunnocks Milk Chocolate Caramel Wafer in their tea and go weak at the knees. Not only do they have a nice thin layer of chocolate which melts easily (and fast), they also posess a wedge of wafer sheets which act as a ‘brew sponge’.

Add the above to the amazing quote on every wrapper and you have the Adonis of the Biscuit World.

“Over 1,000,000 Tunnocks Milk Chocolate Caramel Wafers are manufactured and sold every week”

The numbers don’t lie…

Posted by RemembertheLittleGuy  on  01/14  at  07:52 PM

That looks like the perfect mug for milk and cookies. Oreo cookies to be exact. Just dip in the oreo, make sure it is soggy, and then devour completely. In fact, I have some double-stuffed oreos in my kitchen right now for just such a mug that I do not have. So I encourage you to send me that mug right off so I can be happy and be eating my double-stuffed oreos. Oreos are especially good when they come at Easter or some other such holiday were the creme filling is all colored in such pretty colors. Oh please send me the mug so I can have a nice mug of glass and oreos.

Posted by Vinyl Doll  on  01/14  at  10:15 PM

well, if we are talking about tea-drinking any time then there is too much choice to pick just one snack…

but i have discovered that if you happen to have a hangover (which i’m sure hardly ever happens to many of us, heh) then the best snack to have with a cup of tea is a slice of toast.

this is because at best it’ll go down really well and make you feel all warm inside, and at worst (which is often more likely) it’ll make you sick, but even so it will taste kind of like cake so it is almost bearable…

and that is my (rather disgusting) advice for snacking with a cup of tea…

(some of my other, and more delighful favourites have to be ginger snaps, classic bars and cheese on toast)

Posted by deb  on  01/15  at  04:32 PM

vampire i love snacks but at the moment i cant have any cos i got a bit too fat over xmas, im drinking tea but with no milk (however i just found out that is really good for me) my life has turned pretty bland since i put on a stone, so yes i am dieting and this comp isnt helping cos i really fancy a chocolate finger now (i dont really even like chocolate) so thank you for hitting me where it hurts and reminding me i cant eat anything thats naughty, with my bland no - milk tea!!!!!!!!!!!! mr burgerman next time i see you i shall feed you raw meat - anyway hope your cool dude - and you never know next time you see me i might be thinner smile

and any ladies reading - i know what you talk about now DIETS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by simon  on  01/17  at  02:19 PM

it’s a very pretty mug and looks like you should dunk ginger nutz in it.

dunk on!

Posted by david j ward  on  01/17  at  02:55 PM

Well I really like tea, but to tell you the truth I love espresso made with my Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. I love it so much because it cost well over a normal price for a schmuck like me. I bought it because I did the research and the research said it makes the best espresso possible. Now another story would be me telling you about how espresso is an art form and with this new espresso machine I have not made, as of yet the perfect cup of espresso, but that is another post. On the advice of many I bought this machine and I paid for it with funds garnered off of ebay. I used to love, still do - rare records… old electro-acoustic and weird experimental stuff, nurse with wound, SBOTHI… well I didn’t know they were worth so much on ebay. I didn’t pay much for those old records, but it got me this awesome machine. 

Now this isn’t that interesting. I love espresso and Jon, I would love to have an espresso, latte or cappuccino in your mug. I would probably have it with a butter tart.


Posted by Arden Hill  on  01/18  at  05:10 AM

well when i wake up felling like #### and smell like an ash tray after a good shesh on a friday night and wake up with a girl next 2 ya not even knowing her name all i have 2 say is a cup of tea and a bacon and egg sandwhich is the best to kick start ya day grin

Posted by mikey  on  01/18  at  01:58 PM

Happy new year x

The other day I was at my friends halls, you know how crazy that can be, and we decided to make a cake for snaks and tea. But by the time it was warm and iced we were high on tea (we drank loads), and for some reason we put candles on it and started singing happy birhtday to each other. Which was all fun and games until the next morning when my friends flat mate who overheard bought me a birthday present thinking it was my birhtday. oooops how embaressing. thats the last time I pull a fake birthday, from now on Im sticking to biting both ends of the kitkat off and sucking my tea through like a straw.x.

Posted by jojo  on  01/19  at  02:33 PM

I have decided that the only way to truely convey my feelings is the ancient art of limerick writing which was taught to me by a teacher. Please note the intricate rhyming in lines 1, 2 and 5, and also in lines 3 and 4. This limerick is my life’s masterpiece. Treat it well.

There once was a man called Jon Burgerman,
He drank English Breakfast Tea with “Burger Men”,
What a really bad pun,
It was so overdone,
That I think I’ll lose the “pretty” mug-urgerman.

Posted by Matthew  on  01/20  at  03:45 AM

i’d say a digestive ‘cause it keeps me regular. there’s ‘owt wrong with a bit of roughage.

Posted by amardeep  on  01/21  at  08:59 PM

My favourite cake has to be CAT PUKE CAKE,

its nutritious and delicious! as this particular cake has already been chewed for you it easy for old people and babies to eat and was specially invented for lazy ppl like me. The best thing is u never know what flavour your gonna get! As ive mentioned above this is my favourite cake mostly because im lazy.

To wash down this mouth watering treat you have to have swig of fresh hot creamy frogs spawn with a choclate flake on top. This drink is my fave beverage as you can drink it hot or cold but watch out for the mummy frogs they can get quite vicious when they’re protecting there spawn…

Posted by Felicity  on  01/22  at  08:09 PM

I dare you to send that mug to Brazil (not in pieces, but safe and cool!) smile

Posted by Morandini  on  01/24  at  06:14 PM

Plain old digestive biscuits because when I was a kid I would snap them in half and pretend they were boats sailing in my tea.

It was a tricky game though because if I played for to long the bottom of the boat would go soggy and fall into my tea :(

Posted by Big Bean  on  01/25  at  12:54 AM

There’s nothing quite like sucking tea through a penguin. first you get a mouth full of warm chocolate filtered tea followed by the softest and warmest sweetly flavoured snack in the world.

yum yum

Posted by Johnny Caswell  on  01/27  at  12:42 AM

cheese Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please give me the mug mr.Burgerman i would not care what cake it was as long as it was a big one! grin

Posted by Faye Browning  on  01/27  at  11:55 AM

umm… i do love custard creams with orange squash. you always used to get them at kids parties, and i do often get cravings for soggy custard creams…

but a hot drink, err… i suppose the last hot drink i had was a hot chocolate accompanied by a homemade gingerbread man. one member of the batch of gingerbread was just too beautiful to be eaten by myself, as i would feel so guilty for eating the cute little guy, so i think i’ll have to give it to someone else to eat.
homemade gingerbread men. super.

raspberry <—have just realised. this looks somewhat like myself. uhoh.

Posted by rachel.  on  01/27  at  07:28 PM

I find it amusing to dip my ‘jacobs crackers’ into other peoples brews when there not looking.

Posted by jesus  on  01/30  at  01:47 PM

Right, I believe I can start this by saying that currently I am enjoying Green tea, with one sachet of white sugar. Truly is a delight to ones mouth. Now, to make this even more sexual, a certain chef named ‘Wayne-o’ is required. Now anything vegetarian conquered up by this man would be ideal, but the thing i’m focusing on, is his Pesto Pasta. Good lord it is like an orgasm in the mouth. It leaves me to believe that I truly am oraly fixated I become so besotted with it. It’s creamy, contains fresh basil (always an advantage) and just goes absolutely splendid with green tea. Oh how I salivate just thinking about it. Now any Green Tea will do of course, I tried today, ‘Green Tea fused with Orange and Honey’ Was a little sharp to my tastebuds at first attempt, but little to my surprise, it became a very nice hot fluid, and I gulped it down like a champion. Yes I think that is all, I could of course, write a furthur paragraph on Wayne-o’s ‘black cherry chocolate crumble’ Oh good lord, no I can’t, my fingers are tired.

Posted by Mia Thomas  on  01/30  at  11:08 PM

I like to drink coffee. And with that coffee I like to eat most things. Usually a bakewell style flapjack. I know its not a biscuit but theres no way Im paying 60p at uni for 2 chocolate bourbons when I can have the oaty goodness of flapjack merged with the kipling infused bakewell smoothness for a mere 95p!

They’re loads bigger than 2 bourbons aswell.

Posted by Nathan Monk  on  01/31  at  04:55 PM

Iced animal crackers writhing, dissolving, kicking, squealing in the La Brea tarpits of my morning coffee. Their festive, rainbow sprinkles, their sleek pink and white hides, their sweet deference and merry shapes melt into oily swirls, a percolated Pollack of caffeine, sugar, and mesmerizing red and white dyes. I want, nay, demand a mug that captures this magic alchemy within, without.

Posted by Dale  on  01/31  at  05:24 PM

I have pocky with my tea now…altho the chocolate tend to drip off and fall in my tea and then the biscuit goes all soggy :( so it doesn’t always go to plan ^_^.

Posted by Catherine Woolley  on  02/01  at  12:12 PM

not tea, coffee - does that automatically exclude me from winning that sexy mug? dammm! - and a dark choc digestive.

take a small bite from the top of the digestive and one from the bttm. then submerge the bttm of said biki into your beverage and suck it up (beehatch).

warning a spoon or asbestos fingers should be near to hand for the resultant sludge of doom.

Posted by andyk  on  02/02  at  01:07 PM

The Conceptual artist Barrie J Davies likes the following with tea for no reason what so ever:

jaffa cakes,
Hob nobs,
Welsh Cakes,
battenberg Cake,
iced buns,
tea cakes
hot cross buns

Posted by Barrie J Davies  on  02/02  at  01:28 PM

Manjar and lucuma cake!

Lo mejor para acompañar un cafe caliente es la torta de manjar y lucumas y se me callan todos!

Check for the recipe here:
(Sorry, spanish only)

Lucuma: (


Posted by Pablo  on  02/02  at  01:47 PM

I’m from venezuela but I’m livin in washington DC, when I looked and saw the question I thought of many things that will go amazingly well with a big cup of coffee or tea, but there is one ting that I’m sure no one knows… it is called Panela de San Juaquin… San Juanquin is a little town in venezuela that has the tradition of making this sweet and toasted bread, but it is different is not just a regular bread… it truns like into a cookie.

I love it with coffee, but there is a way that will make it fun and you’ll laugh at people, if your mouth is really dry (after 4:20) eat one of those and you’ll feel like you’re making sweet cement with your mouth… this happened to me and my friends like 8 years ago when we were driving back from a skateboarding competition, one of those fun memories that you want to live again and enjoy it but with a coffee, a good coffee.

this was fun… It made my day… I love remembering good things, thanks.

Posted by George Betancourt  on  02/02  at  01:58 PM

Well….i could mention loads of german cakes and biscuits which you probably don’t know and could not imagine what they taste like, so i have to think of something more english (in the widest sense) like…... mars bar sandwiches and a cup of tea.

butter your bread, slice up the mars bar und put it on the bread. You’ll need the cup of tea because otherwise the sandwich either sticks to your palate and will stay there for ages because it is very tongue-tiring to get it off, or cause suffocation because it just won’t go down your throat. tastewise, it is worth the hassle.the cup of tea completes the experience.

If mars bars are just not your cup of tea….tim-tams are also nice. especially for choc-o-holics. chocolate cream between two layers of crunchy biscuit which is again covered by chocolate. dunk the tim tam in your hot chocolate and suck the filling out. delicious. you can also lick the chocolate of your fingers after the tim-tam has eventually melted in your hands and fallen into the mug.

In Ireland, I found out that a cup of tea goes with everything, after everything and even without anything. the tea’s the important thing.

these are a few of my favourite things, because
a) in Australia I got to know mars bar sandwiches, tim-tams and the sound of music.
b) in Ireland I was taught the importance of tea. and mugs.

thank you.

Posted by .: eva :.  on  02/02  at  02:19 PM

You shouldnt eat biscuits with tea, or coffee for that matter, simply because biscuits have feelings too. I have seen first hand how the poachers hunt biscuits in the wild, their slaughtered needlessly and violently so their crunchy innards can be manufactured into hobnobs, rich tea digestives and maryland cookies.

You people should be ashamed of yourselves for encourgaing the poachers. And promoting this kind of thing to win a mug, for shame Jon Burgerman. For shame.

You know, this has made me twitchy and upset me, I may go have a Gorilla or Baby Seal with my cup of tea to settle my nerves.

Posted by Gary Davidson  on  02/02  at  02:24 PM

The thing that goes better with a cup of hot coffee is me. Everyone knows that!

God created coffee to let me know I wasn’t alone and to drink on rainy days, and sunny days, and windy days. Oh and in the evenings.

Also I was a mug in my previous ilfe, I reckon in the life before that one I was a smug and I’ve been downgrading, perhaps in the next one I will be ug! or a mu, who knows. I just had a coffee and I’m feeling relaxed, well from the outside it looks that way, from the inside my brain is a few blocks ahead from the rest of me, but the effect will wear out soon. While that happens I wish I had a nice mug to pour my coffee on.

What’s this website about anyway?

* waves

* slurps

Posted by Alex  on  02/02  at  02:42 PM

I love to drink coffee. I think I’m addicted? It makes me have to poop though after I have a cup of it…..I don’t mind..I just drink more coffee and poop and drink more coffee and poop….it’s quite the cycle

Posted by Nathan Janes  on  02/02  at  02:57 PM

Well in South Africa, especially Durban, we don’t have fancy ceramic mugs, so we use our tin mugs. They get extremely hot. There is something about the taste of tin and coffee i truly enjoy. I know it sounds strange, but it’s true. That is all i have with my coffee, tin. But i would love the oppurtunity to show everyone in my community my fancy MR Burgerman mug. Thank you for the opportunity.

Posted by CraigP  on  02/02  at  02:59 PM

Let me paint a picture for you: A cold day outside, the heating isn’t working properly in the house and the thing your craving the most is a nice hot chocolate, marshmellows and whipped cream, but not too much because you still want the steam from the hot drink to come out to you. So now you have the drink, what better but to dip a chocolate hob-nob in there. The choclate will melt and glide off between your lips and then you can just suck the liquid out of the cookie, and have it dissolve onto your tongue. Devine! Obviously you cant just do this anywhere, this process can not and must not be disturbed. Full concentration is needed.

Posted by LesliAnne Sternick  on  02/02  at  03:00 PM

Nothing. I’m on a diet.

Posted by Alec East  on  02/02  at  03:02 PM

I was hung over one morning in Toronto and had a big grande coffee then felt like some street meat, at which sobering stage i thought to myself I wonder what it would taste like to dip my massive sausage into my coffee. Horrible and I had to throw out the coffee due to some floating onions.


ps long live cheap meal replacement street meat

Posted by Jeffrey Simpson  on  02/02  at  03:03 PM

My favourite biscuits are party rings, i can get 8 of them in my mouth at once but i have to get them out with a spoon.

Posted by Kipi Ka Popo  on  02/02  at  03:07 PM

I am from “amerika” where we don’t drink tea but “jug coffee” and starbucks…. We don’t eat “biscuits” but “cookies” and other such things. I am learning the finer points of snack time from my ever so understanding significant other. He is well versed in the ways of these things and has indoctrinated me to the simple pleasures of such biscuits as tim-tams and jaffa cakes. Oh the heavenly bliss! And the teas! I have never gone beyond the mass mess of liptons. I am learning all the subtle nuances of tones and flavo(u)r. but I feel I have come to an unintended roadblock. My learning has been stunted. I do feel that it is the lack of proper learning tools. Every student of the arts needs the proper vessels and muses. That I am certain of. And so I beg of you to bequeath such a vessel unto me. With your help I do believe I can flourish and become more than a swill drinking amerikan, I can become a connoisseur.

Posted by larissa  on  02/02  at  03:09 PM

I would just like to point out that, as an American, I have no idea what half of the posts here are about. Not a clue. I hate that stupid uncultured feeling I get at times like this…

But, umm, I like to drink my coffee with great big hunks of maple flavored sausage. It’s yummy.

Posted by Ellen Spahn  on  02/02  at  03:23 PM

Milk Chocolate Digestive and a Latte.

If you get bored you can have a milky tache from the latte or use the choc Digestive as a frisbee!* It disintegrates into millions of… crumbs on contact with anything that it hits (apart from very soft cushions & curtains… and water, that just makes it melt unless you skim it! mmm.. theres an idea!!) or you can drink the lovely latte and eat the choc digestive, or dip the choc digestive into the latte!

*Peteman is not held liable for anyone causing GBH or damage of property with chocolate digestive biscuits or any other biscuit for that matter!!


Posted by Peteman  on  02/02  at  03:23 PM

I would like some donnuts.
and a cup of tea, please.

thanks for asking, very kind of yours.

Posted by Jorge Galvão  on  02/02  at  03:37 PM

Take a digestive biscuit (for the health conscious use fat free version). Then lather a film of philly cream cheese. Topped with a ring of sliced tomato (same circumference as the biscuit is preferred). Finish it off with a marshmallow (but first nuke the marshmallow in the microwave for a few seconds until it becomes gooey but not too gooey).

+ Perhaps the most decadently healthy snack ever to well with tea, coffee or rich thick hot chocolate +

Posted by Edina Nasseri  on  02/02  at  03:53 PM


I want those special cakes for very special people.
Those lovely ugly cakes that make me feel evil.

The colourfull, wonderfull, crunchy delights, enjoyed best with tea or coffe close to midnight.

They make me creep down at night, quietly tip toeing keeping out of sight.

The lights turned low, and shadows around, carefully crawlling to not make a sound.

And then I see them sitting still in a jar. I walk around them in dressing gown and cigar.

And watch, don’t touch for that would be cruel, I look like an addict and look like a fool.

And then I see it, stopping my urge.  That ugly giant human shaped bird.

Blast that pesky bird I shout!!!!

Circling above, preys in the house,
but I’m am the prey and I’m in the house.

I grab the cookies and run up the stairs, and trip cos im caught, blast these long flairs.


Blast those cookies and blast that bird!

Blast those cookies and blast my urge!

The cookies are crushed and so are my dreams. and these bloody flares are ripped at the seems!

Blast that ugly bird!!!!!

So I scamper the hall scraping the walls and get into bed I’m starting to fall. 

And incomes my wife the kids and the dog.
And once again I’ve been caught, my mind is in fog. I’ve lost.  I’ve lost. those damn special cookies!!!! That pesky ugly filthy scary bird!!!!!!

Give me that mug.  I want that mug.  Mug Mug Mug!!!!!

Big up Burgerman and my family.

Posted by Derek  on  02/02  at  04:05 PM

a rich tea biscuit.

i have no way of making this sound interesting.

Posted by pete  on  02/02  at  04:25 PM

My Mum was killed by an extra large mug of hot Rooibos.  Ever since then I have been unable to enjoy any cake, biscuit or snack…including the usual Tootsie Rolls in cocoa.  Perhaps this china mug would be just the thing to honor my Mum, while allowing me to regain a small semblance of hot drink normalcy.  I just know it!

Posted by jfitch  on  02/02  at  05:08 PM

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cartes,albums,ou simple gadget !.
  Je vous remercie du temps que vous m’avez accordé,
Bien cordialement,

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Posted by Isabelle,MARTIN  on  02/02  at  06:14 PM

For me it’s a donut…I just makes me do nut!
tongue wink

Posted by Erick Schluter  on  02/02  at  06:52 PM

Really cool mug, man!
It’s impossible to get it here. Only if you will send it to me smile
I like sooshkee with my tea. As I know, this stuff is produced only in Russia. Sooshka (if you haven’t meet she) is a small dried round made with white dough.

Posted by Yellowhead  on  02/02  at  08:09 PM

Opium Cake kickz big llama buttocks!!!
and hi C cuz that it awesome. i hat all u stupid tea drinkin ppl, wow im sure im gonna win now cuz ur like british, but opium cake cand hi C!!!!!!!

Posted by Josh  on  02/03  at  02:52 AM

i love cake crumbs with tea. It makes me pee.

Posted by eeshaun + carol  on  02/03  at  03:22 AM

Where I’m from, it’s a daily struggle fighting of kickboxing kangaroos, spiders hiding in my shoes and flaming galahs swooping me for me to worry about drink out of a mug. But one day , yes one day I’ll be able to sit out the back, relax make a pot of coffee and drink out of a mug and think what a wonderful place.I dream of that day.

Posted by Rowan  on  02/03  at  06:59 AM

ey! you CANIJOS muchachas y muchachos!!  FISHRIZO viene con todo!!!!!!!! ADIOS

Posted by FISHRIZO  on  02/03  at  07:50 PM

Wow! Yeah, i’m crazy and stuff…

Rich Tea biscuits, make me go up the wall and then back down again. All up in your face, i’m so mad and crazy I must surely deserve to win!

I like my tea bitter.

Posted by Matthew Keen  on  02/04  at  12:23 AM

u know what? i like dunking oreos into my tea, crushing them up to make the tea go a poo colour and then throwing it away. oreos are crap. unlike rich tea bisquits. their all about timing and skill. u dip them in for around 7.5 seconds and then u have to be so quick to eat it before it falls in. endless entertainment!

Posted by kitty  on  02/04  at  10:29 AM

Dear Mr. Burgerman,
It gets pretty cold up here on Toronto’s tiniest alligator farm. It’s usually too cold for us to take off our reptile-wrangling mittens, and said mittens are not conducive to the dunking of things in tea.
However, come June, we may be able to strip down to our racy lacy gloves, and sip a steamy mug of alligator soup while we kick back and watch the herd procreate.

In fact, it is imperative that we have this stellar mug, in order to properly enjoy our hardwon soup, a sentiment which is amply expressed by another chilly Canadian, Dennis Lee, in his classic poem “Alligator Pie”. (We include here only the stanza regarding soup made of alligators.)

‘Alligator soup, alligator soup,
If I don’t get some I think I’m gonna droop.
Give away my hockey stick, give away my hoop,
But don’t give away my alligator soup.’

As you can see, we are prepared to sacrifice our hockey sticks and hoops for this great prize. If we can thaw our chilly fingers enough to tie the string, we will wrap these sticks and hoops in our finest alligator skins and ship them in return for your generous vessel. (Please note that being offered a Canadian’s hockey stick is like having Santa offer you Mrs. Claus. These things are of great importance to us.)

Please, Mr. Burgerman, for the hungry children.


Posted by Caitlin  on  02/05  at  02:25 AM

It’s simply, a viennese whirl and a mug of hot orange squash. I don’t like my squash too strong either, just incase you’re wondering.

Posted by Aaron Miller  on  02/06  at  02:36 AM

Oo oo, ya know what’s nice, accidentally sploshing a square or 2 of Cadbury’s milk chocolate into a refined mug’o'instant joe (Alta Rica!)’s wkd becasue at the end u get the brown smoothness @ the bottom…but it’s sumtimes hard to reach if u don’t have Gene Simmons’ tongue…mmm, raspy.

The zippy&bungle feelin after is warming too…go on, give it a try today!

Posted by Gemszi Tesremos  on  02/07  at  09:43 AM

It’s gotta be a good thick hot chocolate with them french cakes ‘financiers’ perhaps or go all out fat and have a strawberry jam and cream stuffed scone (with fresh strawberries too).  If you’re gonna pig out you gotta go for it.  And how perfect would it be in that mug eh?  Gimme gimme gimme pleeeeeaaase! x

Posted by samantha  on  02/07  at  01:18 PM

Hello, there! I would really, really, like the mug, please. Thank you so very much. Nice and polite wins the day I believe. And hopefully a mug.

Posted by e.  on  02/07  at  09:57 PM

Its gotta be the TIM TAM.
In Australia its the be all and end all of biscuits especially to have with a hot chocolate or coffee.

You just bite a corner off the top and bottom and such the coffee through like a straw.
the chocolate melts through and you basically have to shove it in your mouth before you get the chocolate avalanch.

Seriously any chocolate freak would agree that once you start you can stop. Untill you realise youve put on 10kg for once cup of coffee.


A nice new fancy mug would go well with a TIM TAM and hot chocy.

Posted by Lauren  on  02/07  at  11:21 PM

I luv a biscuit cant remember which one but yer and a hot choc 2 go with it . mmmmmmmmmm

Posted by Amy  on  02/09  at  09:32 PM

foxes buiscuits…

they come in a pack,
with a wrapping of blue,
oh my they are nice to chew!!

i eat them in the day
and i eat them ain the night night,
oh my they are such a delight…

the buiscuits keep me company,
they show me how to give flavour,
so if you would be so kind,
do me a favour…


by megan whinfield!

Posted by megan whinfield  on  02/10  at  12:18 PM

Those sugar encrusted fingers of death – Dunkin Sticks.
Great for your morning break, or at any time of the day (or night)! The taste of a donut in a stick shaped cake. Perfect for dunking in your cup of coffee or…

Oh hell yes, you know where I’m goin now bitches, Dunkin Sticks, that’s right, Dunkin Sticks, ladies. These tasty snacks double as dildos. You can totally get off to those fuckers if you know how to use them. Damn right. If you need help, you know where to find a guy to help you. Me baby, me. Just imagine a sugary snack and a fat #### in you at the same time. It’s glorious. All I’m sayin is call me. We’ll get together some time and have dirty food sex. That’s how we Dunkin Stick kids do it, know what I’m sayin. Anyway, I’ve made myself horny and hungry so I’m gonna go have a poptart and work it, see ya later. Remember, Dunkin Sticks are finger poppin good!

Posted by Jose Duran  on  02/11  at  05:55 PM

3-4 times a week, when I get up to start my day, its a cup of joe and a few buttermilk, hungry jack pancakes…its the ticket to happiness i tell ya…just add water to the mixture and voila!  perfect pancakes (warning:  this is not just a breakfast thing either, kicks lunch and dinner up a notch as well)


Posted by Sissy Adams  on  02/11  at  06:54 PM

tea first thing in the morning when the sun is rising like the damp and the mouth tastes like last night

tea at 11 eleven in the gap year job writing the same old ######## with the same old hangover

tea at midday with a text from the girlfriend and a skip in the step listening to the record that makes you inifinatly happier than anyone in that shoebox office

tea in the afternoon with a carb slump and heavy eyelids

tea at home when youre piss wet through with cold feet and your mp3 player died before you even got on the bus

tea with yer ma when your having a whinge and shes nodding and ironing, oblivious

tea with the tea.

tea with a smiley face and a happy girlfriend

tea for ‘two pints please’

tea for 2 when you get in and go to bed

tea with one sugar and loads of milk

and always,


tea with fox’s chocolate viennese.


and then t for ‘the same again tomorrow.’

Posted by smellofbenjy  on  02/13  at  12:51 PM

hia its dan hmmm i do love my buscuit’s lol well my favorite one is the borbon yum yum. i love it!! expecially when i have it with a cup of hot chocolate yum yum. I hate it when it falls into the cup ewww lol please can you make me the winner thankyou bye bye bye dan cheese  cool smirk

Posted by dan  on  02/13  at  05:15 PM

chocloate hob-nobs mate. end of.

Posted by nicko  on  02/13  at  08:26 PM

I’m little a poor guy, so I have to take that mug in order to get some coins…

Posted by Morandini  on  02/14  at  07:36 PM

ok to keep it real, I would throw down with a hot cup of green tea, sweetened with a little maple syrup and on the side I would have a toasted vegan banana /ginger scone splashed with a touch of Sweet coconut crème for extra flavor.. but I should just get a mug because it goes with my character. I would carry it everywhere, even into other coffee shops and have them fill up my mug with green tea all around town. it would become my signature, showing up with my Burgerman mug and all, soon to be recognized from borough to borough as the chic who carries a cool ass mug in her bag to get the full experience of drinking organic art…

Posted by leah hamilton  on  02/15  at  12:19 AM

sitting by my mug of milky, warm tea
is my jammy dodger wating for me
all sweet and tasty
and jammy too
this biscuit is to good for you .

Posted by Tamar Benson  on  02/15  at  07:46 PM

if i had to dip anything into a hotchocolet it would defenatly be a doughnut although doughnuts are really really really tasty only the jaffa could taste better

by aimee howson

Posted by aimee howson  on  02/16  at  09:44 AM

I open the cupboard,
And guess what i see,
A great big cookie waiting for me!

I grab my hot chocolate,
And cookie to,
But i’m sorry, theres not enough for you!

Posted by nibbs  on  02/16  at  04:05 PM

Fidorka! Can swap for a mug if you want to try…

Posted by Pavel  on  02/18  at  08:35 PM

There’s one simple choice to accompany a tuppy tea, and that sir, is the chocolate digestive.

Not only is it RIGHT NICE, but also takes you to the next level of the sweet/savoury cycle, when combined with a brew.

Tips:  ALWAYS eat two chocolate digestives, sandwich style.  Put the chocolate sides back to back and never risk a sticky digit again.

NEVER dip a biscuit in the cup!  What are you thinking?  If, like me, you are a keen cleaner of the kitchen sideboard, which I’m sure you are, there is nothing so disheartening as to find a forlorn two day old cup is now a vessel for stodgy mulch, especially when you’ve already filled the sink and got the bubbles going.  Where are you gonna rinse it now?

F*ck that!

Posted by Loz Boz  on  02/19  at  01:05 AM

tea a fantastical liquid blend of stewed leaves and water with just a smidgen of milk is best served at 5 o’clock precisley, or so ettiquette teaches us…. to accompany such a gloriously delightful english tea (from india) one is better to use a dunkable biscuit with physical intergrity. To create such a buiscuit the powers of english tea making fairies (because no english gent such as myeslf makes there own tea!) i am informed that two… only two not three and definetly not one… chocolate digestives are needed, sandwhich the chocolatey goodness inside and dunk for the greatness of good queen bes! The chocolate will melt and you will have the most mouth-wateringly good sensation this side of our green and fertile lands! For the best tea drink yorkshire tea (also from india) much love to the tea and buiscuits, for tis the greatest of british institutional institutions!

Posted by R Earnie  on  02/24  at  02:27 PM

The best accompanying food for hot drinks is Brioche! butter brioche (check spelling) is the yummiest..cakey bread to go with tea, the good thing about brioche is it’s also compatible with drinks such as the classic Horlicks (mmmm..) and anything hot really.

Posted by christine  on  02/24  at  09:34 PM

the perfect biscuits comes from the cheap shop Lidl. its a kind of wafer straw filled with lemon. if you drink your tea through it it adds lemony goodness to an already very satisfactory and pleasing drink. thank you for your may i please have my mug!

Posted by Pete  on  02/24  at  11:41 PM

it is no importance whatever eat with hot drink which serve in this mug. forget your taste in foods cause taste in art makes you smART

Posted by diamond  on  02/25  at  10:33 PM

I’m definitely a fan of the deconstruction of biscuits, so I’d say that chocolate bourbons were my favourite biscuits to accompany my tea-like beverage.

Essentially there are three parts to it, the top biscuit, the delicious chocolatey-goodness in the centre, and the ever-important last biscuit segment. It’s entertaining, AND delicious… although makes a disgusting chocolatey sludge in the bottom of a finished cup of earl grey.

Yum-yum ^-^

xx x

Posted by bethan  on  02/26  at  09:33 AM

a little “pastel de nata” with cinnamon

ynhami ynhami!

Posted by marta  on  02/27  at  02:26 AM

i love my mums homemade pineapple upside down cake but when i eat it i feel sorry for it and start to cry

Posted by raven troughton  on  02/28  at  06:38 PM

oh my god the hob nob is the best its indestructable it doesnt drop off when you dip it in the cup of tea then theres the rich tea biscuit which is fragile and breaks easily when you take it for a dunk in the tea. When you put a chocolate coated buscuit next to it the chocolate melts and thn goes all over the place.
The tea when you get to the bottom it all bitty with bits of soggy it all minging and i tip it out into the sink with all the acsess sugar which hadnt dissolved.

Posted by Amy  on  02/28  at  08:41 PM

Any biscuit will do there all good except ones with nuts. I cant eat them i get a rash. lame.

to be fair i dunno why i am doing this i’m not going to win. I cant think of anything amusing happening with the rich teas or hobnobs.
I just want a new cup for my tea.

Posted by Scott Colley  on  02/28  at  10:04 PM

I’m scared of milk

Posted by ben  on  03/01  at  05:12 AM

I think that rich tea biscuits are the best because they melt away like cream in hot chocolate.
I would hate to miss,
my rich tea biscuits,
because they are a hit, yum yum rich tea biscuits.oh oh
I want the cup for a good peace of art to help me choose what thing i would like to draw. smile
I hope you choose me oh oh

Posted by Alison Duckworth  on  03/01  at  05:00 PM

My favourite hot drink is galaxy hot chocolate and to go with it I would have a milk chocolate digestive because you have to keep it in long enough to soak up the drink but short enough so that the poor digestive doesn’t dissolve into the galaxy hot chocolate, because after a while the biscuit starts to take up the flavour of the drink and then once you’ve drunk up there is a load of soggy biscuit at the bottom of the cup which makes you want to throw up when you look at it.

Posted by Natalie Bleasdale  on  03/01  at  06:08 PM

i live in a packet wiv all my brothers
and have many many many lovers

im very tasty and easily eaten
sometimes soft but never beaten

im nice and round with various fillings
before before being opened i enjoy chilling

i come in various flavours that are great to dunk
but don’t disrespect me, i ain’n no punk

i’m the number 1 biscuit in all of the land
so when you have tea, i should be in the other hand

im from a land known as mary thats very far away
so, open me, dunk me, taste me and i bet you will say

i bloody love cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by sweaty eskimo  on  03/02  at  12:45 PM

foxes buiscuits…

they come in a pack,
with a wrapping of blue,
oh my they are nice to chew!!

i eat them in the day
and i eat them in the night ,
oh my they are such a delight…

the buiscuits keep me company,
they show me how to give flavour,
so if you would be so kind,
to do me a favour…


Posted by megan whinfield  on  03/02  at  01:00 PM

Ginger Nuts, Ginger Nuts, where to start….........

Well, Mr Ginger Nuts has to be simply the best in this rather bland area of biscuit county, that runs off custard creams most tea stops, because quite frankly I feel truely sorry for him being left out!
The poor little biscuit cannot swim against the ferocious tide of the great brown sea, and he seems to shrivel up into a soggy mess before sinking slowly to his milky death and up to snackatimes heaven.
Every bite I take from him, I always feel guilty of, as his sugary crumbly skin peels away into my greedy mouth. He can’t fight back! Not like choccy digestives that shed their skin and slip away.
But inside of all that gingeriness, he’s a little tiger ready to knock you back, as he takes the final crunch like a man. No, Mr Ginger Nuts is one in a kind and although he’s a pretty pathetic biscuit in some ways, he can’t half beat the taste of the weakling lady custard creams!

Posted by Charlotte  on  03/02  at  05:05 PM

Has to be a cadbury’s flake or a wafer-ey chocolate bar like a twix, you can bite the ends off, and suck the tea up it like a semi-molten chocolatey straw!! Sort of like those ‘cigar’ biscuits or coco pops things on tv, but BETTER!

Posted by Dunc  on  03/04  at  08:40 PM

hi i think the best buiscuits are chocolate buiscuits becuse they disolve in the bruwe and melt in ur mouth with the deluishus chocolate tongue laugh so plz let me win cheese

Posted by jamie  on  03/05  at  11:16 AM

I am a very sad person. I haven’t eaten cake or bikkies for a long time, because I don’t have a good mug to drink from. But if I had a good mug to drink from, I would most likely eat a simple spunge cake. Not a whole one, but a nice thin slice, melting in my mouth, after a good sip of hot black coffee. That is something to *** for. That is my story.

Posted by anna  on  03/05  at  01:36 PM

I like to have an Eccles Cake with my brew, as I’m patriotic to my home town of Eccles.
Although….they don’t even make the Eccles cakes here anymore! They’re made in a factory on the way to Ashton-Under-Lyne and that’s miiiles away!
So I feel a little cheated and might turn my preference to Chorley Cakes. (Not sure where they’re made…)

Jo x

Posted by Jo Blakeley  on  03/05  at  02:28 PM

A big slab of my wifes chocolate brownie goes down superb with a steamy mug of coffee.

Posted by Digilee  on  03/05  at  03:01 PM

Bein a good old fashioned northerner i dont like any o this silly skinny late malarky, what i enjoy is sittin in front o my coal burnin fire wi me cap and pipe, enjoying the flavours of a reet good brew. I usually go fer a chocolate hob nob or a rich tea biscuit, but it makes me reet bloody mad when it all falls in.

Posted by Jawd  on  03/05  at  03:59 PM
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