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Closing date: 30th June 2005

The competition has now ended, congratulations to Amy and Joanne for their winning entries and super big thanks to everyone who entered.

Check back soon for the next exciting competition were you’ll be able to win some of my junk all for the price of a pithy response to an inane question.


You could of won one of a few very rare vegetable window vinyls and done this with it…


The question was; Let me know what your favourite vegetable is and why. The best cases for the love of veg will win a big vinyl sticker.


i think the the radish is the best veg because it looks very evil and i dont think ive ever seen an evil radish, infact i dont think ive ever seen someone draw a radish.
long face i hope its a radish!

cheers jon

Posted by Aaron Miller  on  05/02  at  05:07 PM

my favorite is asparagus, because after you’ve eaten it and forgot all about it, you go pee and remember you’ve had asparagus because of the overpowering “asparagus pee whiff”

Posted by ewang  on  05/02  at  05:26 PM

Tomatoes, ‘cause when you squash them, you got ketchup. And we all know ketchup is jummy jummy for your tummy!

Posted by gerty  on  05/02  at  05:28 PM

Garlic for sure! It keeps my girlfriend from biting me!

Posted by thomas  on  05/02  at  05:29 PM

I like the potato best.  It has the word Pot in it and you can make some many great things using a potato.  Especially Shepard’s Pie. And who doesn’t think of games like Hot Potato and Mr. PotatoHead whence speaking the word POTATO.

Posted by Vinnie Ray  on  05/02  at  05:29 PM

repeat after me: broccolli broccolli brocolli broccolli, broccolli, broccolli, brocolli, brocolli, broccolli, keep saying it, really fast, then low, then you can be a drum and base mc, albiet a fucking crap one. and its good for you.

Posted by emms  on  05/02  at  05:43 PM

at the moment i like carrot the best, couse its spring and u can use coarrots to hunt bunnies ...

Posted by weehsel  on  05/02  at  06:59 PM

i love artichoke for two big reasons:

1. every time i got an artichoke for lunch, i remenber all those lovely girls i meet sometime. in the begging they always show you her thorns, but finally you always find a very soft and tasty heart. yum

2. because i cant explain of what artichoke taste like

sounds good?

Posted by pablo  on  05/02  at  07:04 PM

my favourite vegetable is FRAU THAU’S “ECKRÜBE”. it’s like a carrot but with a corner: it’s bent in the middle. this makes it very practical for the household, because you can store it in the corners of the fridge where no other vegetable fits. for a long time scientists tried to figure out how those carrot-like vegetables get bent and what is their origin; they don’t seem to GROW around the corner… and just recently the crew of WORTIMPORT, two adventurous brave young and beautiful heroines with call-center and street-cleaning dayjobs but nevertheless filled with faith and goodwill encountered the secret of the VEGETABLE VAMPIRES. so far WORTIMPORT discovered three different examples of VV: GUBUKI (he looks like a turtle and yes, he actually smokes!), NEOKI (seems to be a saber-trunk-tiger) and MEGA USAGI (a huge bunny who claims that he is related to godzilla and king kong and therefore tries to behave just like them). it turned out that MEGA USAGI bends normal carrots to suck out their fresh juice which makes them living dead bent carrots, well-known as ECKRÜBE.

Posted by syl  on  05/02  at  08:35 PM

Cucmber. Surely I don’t need to explain why..

Posted by Helen  on  05/02  at  08:41 PM

egg plant

Posted by katy holmes  on  05/02  at  09:24 PM

Fart wise, spring cabbage is by far the gnarliest. Taste wise, I’d go for beet. it’s as rich as meat.

Posted by Eran  on  05/03  at  06:01 AM

the versatile onion!!  worn as jewllery and deodorant by the french and as the source of many a joke, ie can you smell onions?  NO!!  not even close up???

Posted by mrdun  on  05/03  at  07:26 AM

Tomatoes as my mummy says that I was named after them.

(I don’t like celery though ... it is the work of the devil!)

Posted by Tom Wolf  on  05/03  at  09:12 AM

The humble potato (Solanum tuberosum) has to win hands down. The vegetable of the working man! There is a very special potato in my life. His name is Kiki. We found him one day while clearing down the side of our fridge. It seems he had fed himself on a cocktail of fridge juices and all the old pieces of food that missed the bin resulting in some strange lifeform, half potatoe, half hemroid. We nurtured him and gave him all the love we could. Then we painted him various shades of pink and he sits proudly on the mantlepiece. He has a strange likeness to an old man’s scrotum or quite like the thing Tetsuo turns into in the end of the film Akira.
Although i fear he has almost outgrown us. We have sneaky suspicion that he has plans for world domination, also he’s starting to smell pretty bad!

Posted by Tom the potato lover  on  05/03  at  09:40 AM

I used to think mushrooms tasted like slugs,  but then something happened, and now I can;t get enough of them…

Posted by amelia  on  05/03  at  10:53 AM

well i went to a housewarming last night and didnt have a gift so ran into safeways and bought an aubergine

aubergine - saves the day

Posted by connor  on  05/03  at  11:54 AM

I hate vegetables! How can they be good for you? When was the last time you saw a Bunny running for president of the UK… or Pope?... NEVER.. that’s when!!

DAMN vegetables and their stupid veggie goodness.

I like your stickers though Jon!

Posted by shane  on  05/03  at  09:45 PM

The Parsnip without a question. Although i dont think ive ever eaten one it has such a weird name. Plus itz sooo unusuall cause no one ever thinks of parsnips!!!! Yep and also its soo cool to put them in a pan togather and make them have gladiator battles!!For more informaton on parsnips and only parsnips plzz go to this website!!!( And P.S. I am the one who made this cartoon and i made it just for this occasion

Posted by Evil Bunny  on  05/04  at  09:24 PM

1. tomatoes : because they make the nicest juice ...and without tomato juice how would we be able to make bloody mary ?  ohh
2. carrots: “umm….what`s up doc?”. Plus they taste rather good

Posted by yosh  on  05/05  at  07:16 AM

My favorite vegetable is Broccolli. My mother fed me tonnes of the stuff when I was a kid, I think she was trying to turn my skin green. I like the taste but I also liked the fact they looked like mini trees. Although Cauliflour also looks like mini trees I hate it as it the nemesis of all broccolli kind!!! My mum also told me to eat my greens but couldn’t understand why that didn’t include my boogies!?

Posted by Amy  on  05/05  at  01:32 PM

THe best vegetable is broccoli in a fight between broccoli and all other veg, the green guy would kick everyones ass.

Posted by edwood  on  05/05  at  04:20 PM

cabbage. cos my grandma cooks tasty cabbages.

Posted by Kenneth  on  05/06  at  06:40 AM

I like Tomatoes best - cos they are really a fruit - but the fruit community doesnt want them, so they have been passed onto the veg! Which makes me sad :(
Maybe they fell out with the bananas?

Probably why you never see any Tomatoes in a fruit salad!!!

Posted by Darren Urquhart  on  05/06  at  02:34 PM

My favourite vegetable was Christopher Reeves, but now I guess it’s celery or something

Posted by Sam Barratt  on  05/09  at  12:06 AM

BEETROOT! yes, beetroot is the best. for two simple reasons:

a/ it is a beautiful colour - one that fits with all seasons and goes brilliantly with the green of lettuce

b/ if you accidentally enjoy it too much and become overcome by it’s magical powers and eat lots of it, your pee turns purple… AMAZING!

surely these 2 reasons are enough to make it the best vegetable ever invented! :D

Posted by Helen Irvine  on  05/09  at  10:08 AM

i like broccoli because it is green and the grass is green and cows eat grass and i eat cows.
i like cows.

Posted by Lori  on  05/10  at  11:51 PM

I eat chillis every day their spice is really great,
from pasta, beans or stir fried meat they liven up my plate!
The lovely burn inside my mouth is a sensory attack,
My addiction to the fiery fiends is similar to crack…
But one things got me wondering as more to eat i pledge,
Are these little red delights ACTUALLY a veg?!

Posted by wiseman  on  05/11  at  08:22 AM

broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli broccolli

Posted by emms  on  05/11  at  04:43 PM

I like red onions! - they are tasty and crunchy like normal onions, but are red, so by not picking it as your favorite vegetable would be kinda racist… and by being racist to veggies the police will arrest you and put you in jail where you will be slapped about by hairy men! - oh and in jail the veggies will probably be over cooked and sloppy, so you will no longer have a favorite vegetable!

Posted by stuart white  on  05/11  at  09:25 PM

The Artichoke because it looks like it could kill a man if it were so inclined, but it’s leaves can be ripped off and thrown like ninja stars.  All around the most perfect and delicious killing machine I know of.

Posted by Kerry  on  05/11  at  11:17 PM

My favourite veg is the Gherkumber - ‘The Gherkumber?’ say you, all flustered and confused. ‘Yes’ say I, ‘the gherkumber’, and now let me proceed to tell you why…..........

Richard Cucumber and Molly Gherkin were just 2 regular veggies, both belonging to the Gourd family, but different all the same. Richard Cucumber worked in a Nokia call-centre, and lo and behold so did Molly Gherkin (Richard was in HR whilst Molly was taking calls from the UK market). So, anywho, one fine day, having taken an unusually large number of calls, Molly Gherkin broke into tears and screamed out as loud as her Gherkin lungs would permit, “What is it all worth, huh!!!!!!!????” - her team leader, Tom Spud, was quite taken aback, and contacted Richard. Now the 2 hadn’t met previously; Richard was only a temp in fact, filling in for Sussie Corn-on-the-Cob who was out for reasons she didn’t wish to discuss in public. But as soon as Richard Cucumber and Molly Gherkin clapped eyes on one another their lives changed; Molly discovered what it was all worth - that she wasn’t working in Nokia to help random veggies with their SIM card issues (they shouldn’t be calling us here at Nokia anyways they ought to be contacting their Network provider! - guffawed Molly)......Molly realised she was working in Nokia so fate would allow her to meet Richard…......Richard Cucumber.

The 2 began dating, and things became serious quite quickly! One evening, after a few bottles of Soju (which is Korean liquor - they were both very fond of foreign cultures and practises) things got a little steamy…...and by steamy I mean REALLY STEAMY! Chlorophyl (plant breath and steam) steaming up the windows of his ‘92 Fiesta, Brian Adams playing on the radio, Richard went for it, and Molly accepted - and thus their love was consummated, and the result, a marriage of 2 vegetables, a product of pure love and passion, a vegetable so pickled in affection and goodness that some claimed it must have been emaculately conceived. And so there you have it; the Gherkumber, my favourite vegetable….......and I believe there’s a little bit of Gherkumber in us all.

Posted by stephen  on  05/12  at  05:18 PM

Marrows are best because they taste like slimy wood.

Posted by Ed  on  05/13  at  02:14 PM

obviously the best vegetable is a pumkin, last year i had one that looked deformed, so i made it into soup sick

Posted by Ben Dolphin  on  05/15  at  08:14 PM

YELLOW PEPPERS ....they’re really yummy and juicy if you get the nice ones…yellow peppers, sounds like random letters, i like the word random…  smile anyway, yellow peppers rule!.....yep, i tried to do some animation with pieces of yellow pepper….reeeeally didn’t my table smells of yellow pepper…

Posted by Christine Apiou  on  05/17  at  07:49 PM

Firstly, tomato is not a vegetable! Its a fruit but a damn good one.

Sandwiches for me have always consisted of lettuce, tomato and cheese. Maybe with some chicken or mayo, or beef or salami or whatever but always the big three. Since cheese and tomatos are both non-vegies Im going to go for lettuce. Its so simple but nothing beats it in a salad or sandwich.

Props to lettuce.

Posted by Amanda Jahn  on  05/19  at  01:24 PM

Without a doubt its cheese.

Posted by Adam  on  05/21  at  02:31 PM cheese a vegetable?  zipper  oh oh

Posted by Christine Apiou  on  05/30  at  07:36 PM

Potato has to be the best. It’s the most versatile veg around. You can mash it, chip it, fry it and bake it.

The potato is the super hero side kick of two of the best dinners going; Bangers & Mash and Fish & chips.

These two dinners are the corner stone of British culture and would be lost without the potato.

Three cheers for the potato….Hip hip

Posted by steven cook  on  05/31  at  11:23 AM

smile remember the time wen i fist meet the magic carrot, it give me the power to become a super puffy, furry, funy buny.

Posted by liloo  on  06/02  at  03:59 PM

The humble red pepper cos it looks good in my wok with red onions, previously cooked-an-fooked rice, some herbs and loadsah olive oil.WOK IT- WOK IT I SAY. Very good for the hang over.

Posted by iomano  on  06/03  at  12:46 PM

Hiya , really liked your site !
i think the best veg is Okra or ‘ladys fingers’ there called or ‘pindi’ in urdu .
can i put a link to your Website on mine under intresting websites pleease .
thanks ~ Naqeeb

Posted by naqeeb  on  06/09  at  12:51 PM

you know what Spinach is the onkly way to roll…..go fantasticly tasty,speaking of fantastic taste ROCKET is the way to fly(sorry) or arugula as they call it over here,speaking of which whats with the septics changing the name of many vegies….....eggplant for aubergine,bay-sil for basil?weirdness
nice art mate

Posted by bigus  on  06/10  at  04:36 PM

I think peas are good…
Their green, which everyone knows is the best colour,
Their round, the best shape. Good for rolling all over the place.
They all sit in a pod together, this means their friendly and probably have good people skills, or pea skills.
They go with anything… salad, roast, fish n chips…
Their good for stopping swelling. Frozen ones anyway! (peas)
And yet their so tiny?

Posted by jojo  on  06/14  at  03:30 AM

we all know egg plants win

Posted by katy holmes  on  06/16  at  10:55 AM

i dont like veg it makes me poo funny sick

Posted by dougmagee  on  06/16  at  07:30 PM

just realised the closing date…(yes i’m slow..) ....that’s when we have our summer concert at school….anyone free to come it’s in Winterbourne in a sch called The Ridings High School

anyhoo, is cucumber a veg?

Posted by Christine the saxophone  on  06/17  at  08:03 PM

are we actually meant to eat vegetables or because they might’ve just been there to go to war with flowers and shrubs..


Posted by Christine  on  06/17  at  08:44 PM

The chicory is the greatest vegetable as it has a whickedy wicked name and it looks like an Alien’s egg!

Posted by 'pickled_jo' Jo Blakeley  on  06/18  at  08:48 AM

The broccolli-potato!. i love the contrast of colour, texture and taste. Thankyou to those scientists who spent many years getting the breading conditions right, creating the perfect environment for a spud to hump a broccolli.This veg has revolutionized modern cooking halfing the time to cook them separately.
check out my illustration!

Posted by harbz - click here for my illustration  on  06/21  at  10:18 AM

pak choi because it’s mmmmm yummy and so good for you

Posted by Craig  on  06/26  at  09:31 PM

caulifower fluffy and cabbages green…strawberries sweeter than any I’ve seen..beetroot purple and onions white..all grow steadily day and night!! the apples are ripe the plums are red. broad beans are sleepin in a blankety bed!!! heheheh (from my childhood days) fave fruit right now is a raspberry, not only because they blow my mind, but they are laverly to look at and have cute little fur coat!!

Posted by Kelly Salih  on  06/27  at  08:09 PM

The amazing digital potato!

Posted by See the Amazing Digital Potato!  on  06/29  at  10:37 AM

potatoes for me would be…great.

Posted by amelie charlton  on  06/29  at  02:14 PM

i like corn best. When it is has sex, it pops and then i can eat it. i like eating vegetables that had sex before..

Posted by lena gruschka  on  06/29  at  04:15 PM

dem celery sticks dey smell like gin

Posted by Joanna  on  06/29  at  09:30 PM
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