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Competition | Zeebzeebs Cork Coasters

Zeebzeebs Cork Coasters

Closing date: 30th September 2005

This competition has now ended - huge thanks for everyone who entered.
One of the winners was Brett who sounded nicely neurotic. The other winner has now replied to the winning email (sent in October!) and has received their coasters.

Win win win some handmade, handcut, hand botched Zeebzeebs cork coasters.
Compatible with both hot and cold drinks!

To win just explain which you like more, coffee or tea, and why.
The two most amusing and entertaining answers will win a pair of coasters each.


It’s hard to say why,
I prefer the tea,
But if i try,
It’s plain to see,

Coffee’s pong’s beautiful,
But it tastes bovine,
Tea’s whiff’s neutral,
And it tastes divine..

Posted by le boeuf  on  07/25  at  10:22 AM

Coffee, because it makes me shake, which makes by bones rattle, cause’ I’m built like a rake.

Posted by Peter Scott  on  07/25  at  10:41 AM

I love coffee and tea mixed together! I tastes a bit like gravy or bovril.

Posted by kipi ka popo  on  07/25  at  11:15 AM

Coffee. How else could I stay up till 3 am drawing!

Posted by Estelle  on  07/25  at  11:32 AM

Herbal tea with generous dollops of sugar or honey

“Jesus siempre puso en hecho todos sus sermones / para tomar cafe es pecado dicen los Mormones!”—song lyric from Ricardo Arjona (a Guatemalan singer)

And yes, I’m LDS.

Posted by danithew  on  07/25  at  12:04 PM

I love tea, specialy the djarjeling, green, black, red, jazmine, ceylan, early grey, rose, forest flowers, lemon and vanilla kind.

Posted by PECE  on  07/25  at  02:13 PM

I dont like either, but if I was abandoned on a far away island with one of the 2 to drink, Im sure the id be up for getting the maximum buzz from coffee. That way those lonely days could be filled with me manically dashing round the island painting faces on rocks in an attempt to create my own family. Seaweed hair and palm leaf hands abound…

mimic grin

Posted by mimic  on  07/25  at  02:51 PM

Tea with sugar is always great when you want something sweet, it’s the ideal partner for chocolate digestives or rich tea biscuits and it’s perfect for wetting the whistle while smoking a joint, but coffee with cream…mmmm and a strong coffee is the only thing that will get me through a days of work when I’m hungover. But what can I say? I’m British and there is nothing better then a nice cuppa tea while watching coronation street, so the winner has to be tea.

Posted by Jen  on  07/25  at  02:54 PM

i like tea. starbucks confuses me.

Posted by connor  on  07/25  at  03:49 PM

In my eyes, tea has got to be the superior being.  For me, coffee is the drink of lucifer himself.  It has a naaasty taste to it that makes me want to grab hold of a fox and shout at it for an hour a day for 12 weeks.
Whereas Tea on the other hand, is a nice, calm drink that allows you to drift into a peaceful state where mice ride seagulls and deer drive cars and make acorn smoothies.

Posted by Jim  on  07/25  at  03:55 PM

gotta be tea - how can mokeys be wrong

Posted by matt  on  07/25  at  04:03 PM

Tea Tea Tea
Your the Drink for me
Your colour is so beautiful, aroma sets me free.
But if i drink to much
its wee wee wee
I need to take my bladder to the lavoratory!

Please sing the above in a rap stylee!

Posted by Rob Stanier  on  07/25  at  05:10 PM

I’m a parent of a three year old and a six year old.
The term daily due is quite apt for coffee.

Posted by  on  07/25  at  06:02 PM

Drinking tea makes you look cool, like smoking, but without the throat cancer.

Posted by Tom M  on  07/25  at  06:12 PM

Make some coffee…
with milk and stuff…..then plonk a tea bag in.

I’ve actually tried it and i think it’s suprisingly yummy once you get the balance* right. Havent thought of a name for it…

Cofftea…...or just coffee tea

*depends how much of what you like more..

**dont forget to take teabag out..

Posted by christine  on  07/25  at  06:22 PM

I like my coffe black, cold and very sweet with bubbles in a mug ...

No wait thats coke.

Posted by Nisha  on  07/25  at  08:27 PM

well I hope you can understand me, cause I speak spanish. I have problems speaking english, but I want so much the price that Im going to make an effort, well at least I’ll try.
the truth is that i dont like coffee neither tea, but if i have to choose, I prefer tea, cause I think coffee is more like an “adult” thing, and drinking tea is more like a “relax” thing, you can drink tea with your friends, in a relax area and still dont look like an adult. Besides all that I think tea tastes better than coffee jaja.

Posted by Hector Ollervides Unda  on  07/25  at  08:33 PM

For me it’s tea, I am always afraid coffee will wake me…:-/

Posted by Erick Schluter  on  07/25  at  09:21 PM

Coffee sounds like toffee, and that stuff gets stuck in your teeth, so just for this time i guess ill have to choose tea (oh, and because you can dunk your jaffa cakes in tea aswell.)

Posted by James Marr  on  07/25  at  10:36 PM

brown rings from jitters
table and tooth stains
you gotta love the coffee
it keeps you unsleep and insane

Posted by Becky MacGregor  on  07/25  at  11:02 PM

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

Just hook it to my veins…

Posted by Bavman  on  07/25  at  11:04 PM

As your delightful coasters are made of cork they will float so well in my hot jacuzzi tub, full of all my playboy bunnies with massive melons. Tea will flow as freely as coke and champayne at my playboy mansion party dedicated to Jon Burgerman and his funky coasters made of cork.

Posted by Ben Gutierrez  on  07/26  at  09:06 AM

coffee is the place to be, cause if you drink it, it becomes a place, a town, a city, your whole life…. hmmmmmmmmmmmm…......

teas pish….

Posted by chris  on  07/26  at  09:26 AM

My blood type: Earl Grey decaf.

Posted by fono  on  07/26  at  09:22 PM


cos it goes better with poo-on-toast

Posted by rupert  on  07/26  at  11:38 PM

I tend to like a good mixture of the two… in the same mug…. as the tea tends to take the edge off the coffee and the coffee tends to add a little something to the tea….. and there needs to be half half-n-half and half 2% skim…. so I guess that would be half and three quarters…. or… three quarters and one quarter?.... tweensies?

...did I mention I’m bi-polar?

Posted by Tmboo  on  07/27  at  12:45 AM

Thouth I’d post here cause everyone else was and it looked fun…

it wasn’t.

Posted by K-man  on  07/29  at  05:25 AM

Oh I see what your all doing posting here… ahh, Tea cause it’s better to make treasure maps with. Coffee makes the paper go too brown and you can’t read where the treasure is buried.

Posted by K-man  on  07/29  at  05:29 AM

Drugs are for mugs
Mugs are for coffee
And coffee keeps me up all nite

Posted by shaun  on  07/29  at  11:19 AM

I love coffee best cos’ if I don’t brush my teeth before I go to work and have a cup it makes my breath smell like dog shite. It’s like having halitosis or Gingivitis but with not actually having it. My work colleagues love it. sick

Posted by Ed  on  07/31  at  11:57 PM

two things ..... tea & biscuits.

Posted by jimmy  on  08/01  at  03:06 AM

Where I live, tea (or ‘teh’) is clearly the more schizophrenic cousin of coffee. Come to Singapore and meet teh-c, teh-peng, teh-tarik, teh-o, teh-alia, and the lovely teh-su-su…

Posted by doodle  on  08/01  at  09:45 AM

coffee is best because you can add whiskey, which can only be a good thing.

Posted by katy  on  08/02  at  12:59 PM

tea = hot drink = fresh drink == girls love both

Posted by pperson  on  08/02  at  01:02 PM

tea,like wee, is pissy
coffee, when strong, aint sissy
Im no girly man
with a cup in my hand
And the stain on my rug’s kinda pretty.

Posted by Q-NO  on  08/03  at  01:31 PM

tea makes me pee
tee hee tea

Posted by missingno  on  08/03  at  07:28 PM

tho addictd to neither
i’d say that i’d rather
drink tea to besettle
my tummy

but coffee is yummy
especially when gummy
and served in wee cups
by my mother (in-law)

Posted by rainman  on  08/04  at  12:44 PM

i like my sugar with coffee and crrreeaaaaammmmmmmm?   
  &&&&&& beastly &&&&&&&&

also watch the episode where beavis drinks coffee enuff sed?

Posted by jonosnufinks  on  08/04  at  12:46 PM

I like Tea 2 Suger, because that all the work experience girl can make!

Posted by 'Boss from Denton  on  08/04  at  02:53 PM

Tea has been made for me by the truck load for me by me Mum when every thing has been going wrong. A good brew has got me through many a creative nightmare and deadline. A good brew has got me through Good and bad episodes of such tv classics like the Fall Guy, the A team,Lovejoy, Baywatch and more recently the OC.Just remember a good tea pot its not just for christmas its for Life folks?

Posted by al heighton  on  08/05  at  10:39 AM

Tea v. Coffee, Rich v. Raw, Abundance v. Simplicity.
I choose an abundance of wealth, Tea.
Do you pity the fool who drinks Tea, Mr.T?

the rest is just subtext.
[Tea v. Coffee:

Tea, oh my, it would take days describing this wondrous liquidy substance. There is are many fine points to the art of Tea, but here are ones that have been highlighted for your enlightenment. It can be: spelled as ‘T’, used in jokes with Mr. T (ie: i pity da fool who drank my T), and usually is drunk with pinky up, and the wonderful tea cozy that accomapanies it.

And now, coffee, would be defined in my mind as a raw power drink that fuels the world one cup at a time.  What more can be said about this multi-moniker’d beverage?]

Posted by Kelsey Eng  on  08/07  at  04:14 AM

You can’t dunk biscuits in coffee, unless you want biscuits to taste like coffee - and let’s face it coffee flavoured biscuits would be sick.

Biscuits go with tea the best. I like biscuits because they make me fat!

I vote for biscuits!!!!! (was that one of the choices?)

Posted by sichi  on  08/07  at  03:10 PM

absolutely tea, no coffee…
tea in the morning…hmmm…bit sugar..
with sunset..perfect blend..
pick tea!!’s just me..

Posted by joy  on  08/07  at  06:58 PM

tea makes me smile, coffee starts the revival. But tea is great and coffee is vile.

Posted by Jeremy Dresner  on  08/07  at  11:33 PM

being a badger, I’d rather have a pint of maltesers.

Posted by nonsense  on  08/09  at  11:23 PM

I’d have to say tea is my favorite as it’s what I drink the most of. I like it when you brew the tea, add the milk in and don’t stir it straight away. Cos it looks like storm clouds! kinda mystical! Hence the term storm in a tea cup.

Also reading tea leaves gives old people something to do. My gran used to read tea leaves to me when I was little. She’d say “that’s what we did in the old days before televison”. I though she was crazy but she’s lovley really.

Posted by Amy Ferguson  on  08/09  at  11:34 PM

please smile

i like tea.

Posted by emily rose  on  08/10  at  03:34 PM

Your designs and sketches inspire me, unlike tea.

  I am pretty bad at poetry, but I do enjoy a great big cuppa’ tea, me.

    I would love these dinky fun coasters though, you see!

      I like coffee better than tea, as I have written, appropriately!

Posted by Niamh  on  08/10  at  06:43 PM

I like tea leaves on the bottom of my cup! I squeeze them, and squeeze them, and squeeze them!

Posted by tytia  on  08/11  at  07:18 AM

Coffee, it helps me sh*t!

Posted by harbz  on  08/11  at  08:45 AM

coffee-I had an ex-boyfriend who drank tea all day long
he was very dull

Posted by Jackie  on  08/11  at  10:13 AM

coffee coffee coffee

Posted by Nick Nack  on  08/11  at  10:44 AM


induces my morning poo &
gives me something to do
when some gruesome lech
suggests a date and I would rather wretch.

when you’re eyeballs burn
and you start to gurn,
you know just what to do:
guzzle some coffee,
slurp the brown,
fill up the Bodum
and neck it down!

Then comes the twitching
and the incessant itching,
eyes start bulging
and teeth are grinding

” A gruesome sight? “

  I think you’re right…

wired and fired, ready to fight
invincible, robotic; no sleep at night.

So bring it on, gimme another pint
and make it fairtrade or I’ll f****n leap over that there counter and I’ll rant and I’ll rave like a loon because I’m hooked on the brown stuff, I’m wired, I’m on edge, I can fly…......

Posted by Nat  on  08/11  at  11:17 AM

I’ve obviously slurped and burped too much coffee as I’ve put a non-existant email address on my entry [poem about coffee… enjoy 8-) ]

This is the right one on

Posted by Nat  on  08/11  at  11:32 AM

ooh i luv a brew me
tea not coffee
coronation street
and a place to rest me feet
kettles on again
in the ad breaks
national grid
more tea n’ cakes?

Posted by rausheck  on  08/11  at  03:54 PM

Tea. Because it solves everything from a bad day at work to breaking up with your boyfriend.

Posted by little nat  on  08/12  at  01:40 PM

Coffee.  I work at starbucks as a Barister: The local legal drug dealer.
Come to me then 4koffe.

Posted by lois  on  08/15  at  11:18 AM

i’m not really bothered cos either way i’m going to burn my testicles when i spill it.

Posted by Funstick5000  on  08/16  at  11:50 PM

Coffee sat, straight and rigid in his mug, staring at the ceiling. He sat here most days at a similar time, staring at the browning water spots above him, pondering, waiting, hoping, questions running through his mind.

Would Cream come over to play today?
What about Sugar? He certainly hadn’t seen her in a while.

These thoughts of friends and playmates were interrupted, however, by a new and precious aroma. Lighter and fruitier than his own musk, it wafted across the lip of his mug and tantalized him. He longed to know who or what was making this luscious fragrance when he sensed a heat, much like his own, strong, yet also supine and yeilding, which alerted him to his own dwindling caloric advantage. A chill filled his beans and he stuttered:

“Who…who’s there?”

No answer. The warmth and aroma left. He cried out:

“Who are you and where have you gone?!”

The heat returned and he felt rejuvinated, the smell again dwindled over his mug and he wanted to leap for joy. The air was heavy with a heady caffeinated glow and tears came to his eyes. He yelled as loud as he could:

“Please talk to me! Are you another Coffee? I’ve never met another!”

A small, concise voice responded:

“I’m Tea. Pleased to meet you, Coffee.”

Tea? What was a Tea? Who was a Tea? And where was the Creator, Bringer of the Warm Waters, for whom Coffee would be glad to sacrifice his life? Everything was very puzzling, and made even worse by this alluring stranger.

But the warmth had left again, and when it returned it was much depleted. Coffee recognized the feeling as similar to how he felt after giving much of himself to the Creator. He spoke:

“Tea, do you know the Creator?”

“Yes,” the small voice responded feebly. “He loves me very much.”

“But does He not love me?!” Coffee blurted and threw himself against the walls of his mug, now more a prison to the battered beverage. “Where are Cream and Sugar, my playmates? Where is the Creator?”

“Sugar? She is here with me. And…yes Milk? Yes, Milk says that Cream is fine. We are all here with the Creator. He Who Brings the Warm Waters is close at hand, do not worry.”

“But what of me? Where is the Creator? I must speak with him!” And again, Coffee threw himself his mug, and watched in horror as pieces of him rose up against the wall and flew over the lip of the mug. A cold ache settled into his being as he felt the spoonful of himself land against the cold and harsh tabletop.

A loud squeak resonated underneath him and the dwindling warmth next to him left again. The ache deepened, burrowing further and further into him. The Creator had left him, and now he would waste himself. If the Creator would not partake of his being, then there would be no being from which to partake.

Coffee threw himself against his mug again and again, watching helplessly as great amounts of him sloshed out onto the tabletop and regions beyond. Then he heard something: the Waters sounded in the distance, a promise of better things to come! But it was too late, for most of his being was already wasted and gone, spread across the table and the floor. These bits retained every feeling as they fell and splashed and chilled unused and rejected, and Coffee became cold and bitter to his very core.

The warmth and aroma returned to the holocaust. Coffee had tipped over his mug and spilled across the table and floor. He smiled inside as he communed with Tea’s remaining heat, and Tea cried at feeling the coldness beside her, having lost her only true companion.

Then the Creator finished off the last of her. He set down her cup and took the damp cloth he held in his hand to the table, wiping up the cold remnants of His first creation that morning, Coffee. Had He known the world he had brought into existence and subsequently extinguished, He may have shed a tear, but He only knew that this was more of a Tea morning, where others were Coffee mornings. He loved Coffee and Tea equally, and had only made Coffee out of habit.

Posted by lurk  on  08/17  at  03:04 AM

i like mine large black and sweet…but enough about that back to the topic,ah yes tea and coffee. No i dont drink either.

Posted by printup  on  08/18  at  06:37 PM

raspberry raspberry raspberry raspberry raspberry raspberry
raspberry raspberry raspberry raspberry raspberry raspberry

Cuz T(ea) is too hard to do in smileys’, slurp slurp

& cuz you do fine doodles on my friends KT’s (endfile) sneakers

Posted by jane  on  08/19  at  05:20 PM

OFFCoursEE !

what do you get when your cup of tea begins to fight with your cup of coffee?
two cups of yerba mate - and no need to quarrel

Posted by sikova  on  08/20  at  07:27 PM

when it comes to night-time…

the sun has gone to bed…

i drink a thousand cups of tea…

and get completely out my head!!

Posted by timbrad  on  08/24  at  01:44 PM

i like tea but often get told off for never drinking a whole cup, bah.

Posted by jo bee  on  08/25  at  10:01 PM

coffee for me. Served fresh in my Obi wan/Ewan mgregor mug every day. Also, try changing your tea/coffee setup to two sugars and milk. That way when someone asks for how you have it, you can say ‘Two with moo please’ and be the envy of your friends.

Posted by lwnski  on  08/26  at  07:06 AM

Tea is for biscuits.

Coffee for smoking.

Both well nice.

Posted by Tewy  on  08/28  at  07:57 PM

‘T’ is the coolest place in the alphabet and the bestest drink.
because it’s after ‘S’
and before ‘U’
you have ‘T’ after ‘S’ex, you know post coitel and before ‘U’, like lets do it again iv’e got the energy to go another round.
Oh… OK, like now then?
‘T’ is the coolest place in the alphabet and the bestest drink.

Posted by rausheck  on  08/30  at  01:12 PM

Worzel Gummage says it all…...............
‘Cuppa tea and a slice of cake’.

Hoorah for Worzel wink

Posted by Rausheck  on  08/30  at  01:17 PM

i like tea, i drink tea quite often, more than 3 times a day,  im told that tea is good for the skin but someone else said it gives you cancer? so i’m not sure if i should drink it anymore, my grandad drinks tea and he’s got a suntan but he hasnt been in the sun, i’m not sure about cofee because its like tea’s dad isn’t it i thought it was really powerful but i drink it sometimes because i like the taste but i only drink it a bit and when i do its a lot and that makes me go crazy and then i have to drink a cup of tea to calm down but that makes me get cancer. i think. so i dont like coffee because it smells like when i used to get in trouble at school and the teacher had yellow teeth and bad breath and not yellow skin which means they didnt drink tea.  i like Tetleys tea becuase the packet doesn’t look so crappy as the yorkshire tea that reminds me of worthers original that reminds me of cheese and i don’t like cheese.  but i do like the taste of yorkshire stuff, i like the tea. but not on a large scale as i dont know if i like tea and coffee, i think i’ve drunk too much coffee, but i heard that everything gives you cancer so i like the taste of tea better anyway. I LIKE TEA!!!!

Posted by brett  on  08/30  at  03:10 PM

onesidezero design

Posted by mysterious me  on  08/30  at  03:13 PM

mr t wins.

“i ain’t going to no starbucks fool”

Posted by Daniel Crossan  on  08/30  at  04:48 PM

” moa moa har har har har i nice brew of PG tips” from Jeff (the monkey in the silly dress in those frigging commercials, it ruined my career for life, i’m just a drunk stealing parts off cars from London Zoo and w*&%ing on peoples windscreens for entertainment, one day i ll get the f$% out of here!)

Posted by jim field  on  08/31  at  03:40 PM

tea is clean inside (+)

Posted by nutria  on  09/02  at  08:22 PM

If ya drink coffee in da street, you’s a fool. Keep it real with a cup a tea and a hob nob bizzoz.

Posted by Bangsy  on  09/04  at  07:50 AM

I drink a coffee in the morning so i have the energy to get through another day of the dreaded droning dinosaur of a design company i work at.  Tea just doesnt cut it in helping me through this most terrible of activities though it cannot be beat in the summertime after a spliff and a skip through the woods.
One for coffee from New Zealand

Posted by Helvector  on  09/05  at  12:01 AM

Here’s how to decide-

A pot of tea is a great thing to relax and waste time with.
A whole pot of coffee to yourself makes your ass fall out.

Posted by leo Hillier  on  09/06  at  09:22 AM

Gimme a T
(cheers 1 sugar wiv milk)
Gimme an E
Gimme an A

Posted by RAUSHECK  on  09/06  at  11:34 AM

Coffee. Tea causes constipation. And naturally because coffee is more creamy - and I like smooth things. And because I have only an old, scratchy cd as a coaster. And I like your characters. And and and…  rolleyes

Posted by Zita  on  09/07  at  11:01 AM

Bovril!................What was the question?

Posted by Emma Luczyn  on  09/08  at  03:53 PM

We’re all creative people, buy some chalk markers and grab your parents old cork coasters from the 80’s and make your own coasters!!!





Posted by Kris  on  09/08  at  04:09 PM

Depends which mug is halve full or halve empty.

Popping the foil seal of a new jar of coffeeeeee is good and ttttt for two is also good.  I can’t decide between the two it’s like asking someone to choose their favourite kid (it’s never the middle child).  They both have their pros and cons and can be drank hot or cold…but none would work without good h2o-now there is the king of drinks, good ole water and it doesn’t give you cancer either unless you prefer the salty sea stuff.

Posted by Poo  on  09/09  at  08:31 PM

i like a hot coffee in the morning

it’s better than a petri dish.

Posted by kaz  on  09/10  at  02:04 PM

psh! are you kidding tea is way better and i will tell you why in the following way:    ^+=~A STORY~=+^

Once upon a time there was a penguin this penguin was a green one (wich was odd.) And this penguin was a chef and a very experamental one at that. Now this was a time of CAFFINE! Now as you can imagine coffee was the most popular drink pretty much, but this green penguin just didnt like coffee! (although he did love the effect it gave to him) so one day this penguin was taking a walk and he found some strange leaves so he tasted them and he realized they were WAAAY too strong but he was intriuged none the less. So he came home that night and started experamenting with those leaves and (as you can probably imagine) he decided to boil them *and the rest is history*

and thats why i like tea better, CAUSE A PENGUIN MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mira  on  09/13  at  12:27 AM

Let me introduce you to the ‘combo’ brew, which is gaining popularity in Devon, Wandsworth and the Tide-ending-town…Take 1 bag of Earl Grey and mix with 1 bag o’ PG Tips (or other suitably traditional blend). Put in pot (very neccessary), brew for 3 minutes, then pour, add milk (n sugar if thats your ting). You at the back stop chuckling..once you have combo’ed, there is no going back…Go forth and spread the word..

p.s. coasters would be very handy as i am bored of cleaning mug rings of my desk. These circles of detritum seem to attract loose tobacco, ash and dead flys…

p.p.s “I don’t take coffee, I drink tea my dear. / I’m an Englishman going beserk..” - what Sting really meant to say in his seminal classic..

Posted by wonky  on  09/14  at  01:45 PM

Realy good site!

Posted by Donny  on  09/16  at  08:18 AM

I prefere tea, because my Grandma used to tell me that only old people drink coffee. And I don’t want to be old, not yet.

Posted by Ricky  on  09/16  at  05:44 PM

I approach this query alphabetically;
C is for Coffee
T is for Tea
Therefore the obvious answer is COFFEE.

Posted by Sarah  on  09/16  at  05:45 PM

big surprise

Will we win some coastew-woastewz?
With ouw wit we can, we wiw! 
Coffee with itz wafty wind
Will wowk itz wondew deep within

But I wike tea with watew onwy
Dwink it when I’m sad and wonewy
Dwink it when I wake and when
I go to bed I dwink again

Oui, oui, oui! 
It must be tea
Fow me
Why wait – will u join we?

big surprise

Posted by harrisonbergeron  on  09/16  at  06:17 PM

To quote the inkspots:

I love java sweet and hot, 
Whoops, Mister Moto, I’m a coffee pot 
Shoot me the pot, and I’ll pour me a shot, 
A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup! 

I love coffee, I love tea, 
I love the Java Jive and it loves me 
Coffee and tea and the java and me, 
A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup! 


Posted by lisa  on  09/16  at  06:18 PM

I prefer coffee.  Tea is made from things like roots and bark and flowers and leaves.  Coffee is made from berries.  Everyone knows berries are delicious.

I am not bovine nor equine.  I do not eat leaves nor do I eat grass.  Why would I consume bark?  Flowers are nice as garnishes. 

Coffee is the second-most traded commodity after oil. You can make tea for virtually free.  I am a consumer.

Posted by Rorie Calhoun  on  09/16  at  07:02 PM

Coffee………coffee.cofee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee!  I like, I need COFFEE!

Posted by James Pospyhalla  on  09/16  at  07:45 PM

What will it be
Coffee or tea?
For Me,
I’d take coffee everytime
extra light
extra sugar
from a little place
called Dunkin Donuts

Posted by Lynn  on  09/16  at  07:48 PM

See, here in the U.S. the barbarians make tea with a bag, in a cup, and let it STEEP on the desk.  All of that waiting for the tea to steep would require the tea cup to cover up the cool zeebzeeb cork coaster for a lot longer than the coffee mug would. And if someone, say that snooty Jean from the other office, stopped by my desk while the teacup was steeping she might not say, “Where did you get that interesting coaster?” And then I could never respond, “You mean you’ve never been to He’s British you know.” Naturally, I would say it in a superior way that demonstrated to all within earshot her appalling lack of good taste and immediately open my browser to your fine website. Then, all of the nosy folks around me would be clicking to it too, because they are so into conformity they would want to seem cutting edge and “in the know.”
So for that reason alone, I’ve gotta go with COFFEE.  AND, find some more interesting collegues.
Love the coasters sir.

Posted by Maureen  on  09/16  at  07:52 PM

Wonky and Whibley am I and I love coffee.  You can warm yourself inside and out on a cold day.  Ice it and sip it through a straw on a hot day.  Share it with a friend and some great conversation. Add it to ice cream and cake.  Nothing else is as versatile.  Certainly not tea?

Posted by Whibley  on  09/16  at  07:59 PM

i like coffee thick as gravy

clouds of steam drift wavy,wavy

warms my tiny finger puppets

that i wear to share my crumpets

lions, tigers bears and rabbits

compliment my caffine habit. surprised

Posted by mitchell lunsford  on  09/16  at  07:59 PM

Tea makes me warm and induces a relaxing mood.
Coffee does not do that - it makes me poop.

Posted by vince  on  09/16  at  08:26 PM


It’s the only redeemable thing about Brits…


Coffee gives you bad breath.

Posted by Annie Higbee  on  09/16  at  09:36 PM

Coffee revs, Tea renews.
Coffee is root chakra, Tea is third eye.
Coffee, the dirty deed; Tea, sacrament.

I use and, yes, need Coffee daily; but when it’s time for comfort, only Tea does the trick.

All hail the Holy Bean!
Long live the Almighty Leaf!


Posted by maryann johnston  on  09/16  at  10:22 PM

Like a man with low morals, I can’t commit to just one. 
Tea can soothe a mean headache, but coffee’s just fun! 

I brew a dark cup in the morning, topped with sugary cream,
and I’m like the offensive line on a football team. 

I am my boss’s momentum – he works me till I crash
(but that’s the purpose of having an Excedrin stash). 

I go home still wide-awake, but with nothing to do. 
I’d stay up on all work nights until 1 or 2

if not for flowers of chamomile that help me unwind. 
I dress in pajamas for sleepy-tea time!

Posted by Celeste  on  09/17  at  01:26 AM

Tea is akin to crossing the street in a suit with a bunch of flowers for your lady friend whilst humming a long forgotten song.

Coffee is known for making jittery jumps in time, space, logic, money, and reality and for causing one’s head to shake like a vibrating cell phone.

I will be crossing the street now . . .

Posted by Sean Finley  on  09/17  at  02:00 AM
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