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Anxiety Room


Jon Burgerman and Jim Avignon present the all new exhibition Anxiety Room at Factory Fresh, New York. Featuring “Anxiety Broom”, an opening night painting performance.

February 12 - March 15, 2009, entry is free and all are welcome.
Factory Fresh is located at 1053 Flushing Avenue between Morgan and Knickerbocker, off the L train Morgan Stop.

Info on artwork availability here.
More photos from the opening can be seen here.

This video shows the front room of the exhibition (before the opening night performance had taken place).

Here’s some photos from the opening night performance. If anyone has a video please get in touch.







Special limited edition T-shirts are available only from Factory Fresh.









Big thanks to Ali, Ad, Jim, the interns, Zorro, Mango, the people at the falafel place, the taco people and Alex.

posted 10/02/09 in Exhibitions

Aww. I wish I was in New York so I could go. Alas I’m not, so can’t make it. :(

Posted by Mark  on  01/13  at  03:03 PM

Jon! Definitely, you’re my faaaaaaaaavorite!!
I always visit your site, and everytime I get impressed about your works and your trips.
I just wanted you to know that someone from Chile loves your doodles!! :D
Muchos cariños! Chao!! (do you speak spanish?)

Posted by Nicole Barr  on  01/15  at  10:53 PM

Hey Jon,

Is the entrance free or is an invitation required?
I surely would love to come and see your stuff for real!


Posted by Koerie  on  01/21  at  06:52 PM

Hallo Jon, I’ll be in NY the 12th for 6 days with a load of friends, not sure if you remember be saying.

It’s my first time there but if I managed to find the place I’ll be there!

Posted by Ian  on  02/08  at  11:56 PM

nice sweaters!

Posted by deadline21  on  02/11  at  05:32 PM

YES!! YES!! My wish has been answered. I’m a big fan of your work and always wanted to go to one of your shows. And I finally get to! I’m soo there!

Posted by Ian  on  02/11  at  05:52 PM

I wish I could drop by and give you a huge kiss.
Success dearest!! You always shne!

Posted by + Q Perfume  on  02/11  at  06:37 PM

Jon! I would love visit your exhibition, and I hate to live in Argentina exactly now.

Posted by Virginia  on  02/11  at  08:17 PM

I wish I could come.
But I wont make it over the big pond this time ):
anyway: I wish you a great time

GrEetInGz fr0m FlEx

Posted by false  on  02/12  at  11:29 AM

some day..jon some day..

I can make see you stuff..someday..!!!
so keep working..!!! gambatte kudasai!!

see ya

Posted by fari  on  02/12  at  05:46 PM

I wish I could ,too
It’s so cute!!!!

Posted by mimi  on  02/20  at  01:09 PM
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