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Billy x Burger


I was given a spray paint tutorial by artist Billy in the depths of west London.





We collaborated on this painting for a few hours and it was lots of fun. Not only did I learn some handy spray techniques I also discovered scouring pads are useful in removing paint from your hands afterwards (if you forget to wear some gloves).


posted 13/03/11 in 2D Work


This is super!!

Posted by Lisa Hassell  on  03/16  at  09:59 PM

man you should paint with tins more!


Posted by Grant B  on  06/03  at  06:43 PM

Come to Leake Street next time you’re in London (esp when the Cans festival isn’t on).

Posted by amanda  on  06/04  at  07:47 AM

This is very interesting work! All the best from Dublin

Posted by Mary from Dublin  on  06/13  at  08:20 PM

This is really fantastic.I havn’t seen anything like this before.Spraying technique is very difficult and it requires a lot of skill.I once tried my hand on this,but was not successful.I think to make such kind of design you need a quality Spray nozzles so that the paint come out perfectly.Kudos to you for making such design and hopefully we will see many more such designs from you in the future most probably 3D designs too.And yes thanks for sharing the tip on how to remove the paint from your hand.

Posted by manjo  on  07/01  at  04:18 AM

For art homework, we had to search Jon Burgerman and draw one of his characters, I picked Billy x Burger. I don’t think mine is even half as good as this but I absolutely love this. Jon Burgerman is amazing

Posted by Frances  on  09/28  at  04:07 PM

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