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Burgerman x Puma x Size?


I’ve collaborated with Puma and Size? on these special and rare sneakers to commemorate their 10 year anniversary. They are perfect for sneaking around in.

The red pair are currently sold out but you might be able to still get the white ones from here.
A very limited amount of both pairs will be available from in the near future.







posted 14/12/10 in 3D Work


those shoes are AWESOME!!!!!!!

Posted by soraya  on  12/26  at  03:00 AM

Wow! This is nice, I like both white and red. This design will really fit my personality. Thank you for sharing this piece of art.

Posted by Calgary Web Design  on  01/06  at  07:39 AM

ive just purchased the white ones they are so cool… your work jon

Posted by Richard  on  01/08  at  08:34 AM

Is this available in the market already. I am looking for this design in our region and I can’t find it.

Posted by cursos de ingles en el extranjero  on  01/09  at  01:32 PM

they are really great!

Posted by Peggy  on  01/31  at  09:41 AM

these are amazing! im doing a project in art on self image. im researching jon burgerman and its about what defines a person. these will be a great example!

Posted by Charlotte  on  02/01  at  05:15 PM

I love these red sneakers.. I am great fan of PUMA.

Posted by joseph  on  02/02  at  06:08 AM

i love these shoes i want some and i love all your art work smile

Posted by katie howitt  on  02/10  at  08:22 PM

That is awesome! I love it! Is these out in the market?

Posted by mattBrix  on  02/20  at  01:15 PM

I want these so much! They’re fab.

Posted by Sid Payne  on  02/21  at  06:32 PM

Ok, these are totally cool.  It’s soo funny, just by looking at them, I feel how I felt in 1990.  They just have that updated Vintage look.  Around 1990, I think I had british knights or something lol…

Posted by Stone  on  05/06  at  08:41 PM

I absolutely love this trand!!!

Posted by steve  on  05/17  at  12:39 PM

One of my favorite pairs of shoes.People liked these stylish shoes. This design will really attractive. Thank you for sharing this piece of art.

Posted by Brian  on  07/22  at  08:05 AM

Wow!! I love these shoes!  Work is so cool!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Web dizajn  on  09/22  at  09:56 AM

Wow, these are super cool. i really like the white pair, especially the red laces.

Posted by can  on  10/01  at  07:32 PM

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