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Colour In Wallpaper


Brand new colour in wallpaper is go go go!
Available from Burgerplex and other cool places.

Perfect for bedrooms, offices, studios and playrooms. The colour in wallpaper is a fun activity for artisans and obsessive compulsives of all ages. The design of doodle characters across the wallpaper and looks eye catching even when not coloured in. Give in to your inner child and colour in your walls!





posted 21/10/10 in 2D Work

Nice artwork! hope to see more

Posted by maog  on  11/04  at  03:49 AM

Great Idea , i want it for my office for when i need to think!

Posted by web design  on  11/15  at  02:09 AM

All fun and games till someone colors, er, colours outside the lines.

Posted by Jordan  on  11/18  at  11:38 PM

:D haha this is soooooooo cool i have it all over my house

Posted by asif khan  on  12/06  at  05:32 PM

Too bad that children cannot colorize properly. At least I painted over the contoures as a kid. smile

Posted by Tubeschal  on  12/10  at  10:51 AM

Awesome stuff! My kids would love to colour their own walls!

On an unrelated note, the young blonde miss looks a lot like my friend Allison!  Uncanny.

Posted by DaveM  on  12/14  at  09:07 PM

Wow, it’s awesome! soooooo cool, I want this! it’s so original!

Posted by Ana  on  01/15  at  04:15 PM

Nice artwork!

Posted by Kelli Homeniuk  on  01/27  at  07:19 PM

Great work.

Posted by Andy  on  03/13  at  03:53 AM

hello. I wonder if you guys deliver wallpapers in Brazil
and how much freight.
Since now, thanks!

Posted by Guilherme  on  03/15  at  05:23 PM
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