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Duhprishus exhibition


Solo exhibition at ROJO Artspace, Via Tortona 17-19, Zona Tortona, 20144 Milano, Italy.
From March 13 - April 11 2008

Duhprishus will lick the whimwham flutterbyes straight out of your eyes and smear them right back on to the opposing walls of the new gallery space.

Subject to impulsive, unpredictable lines and cascades of pop colour, come and bear witness to the latest victim of Jon Burgermans’ slight of hand and heavy of head; ROJO artspace Milano. This will be a full force installation with un-twistable stomachs and detachable parts, which will be available as collector’s items.



The new monographic book entitled Gribba Grub, published by ROJO, will be launched too.
Opening and book launch; Thursday March 13 from 7:30pm to 10pm. More details from ROJO.






A short video and interview made during this exhibition can be found here.

posted 10/03/08 in Exhibitions

Doooood! a year or so ago I was a little bored of the Burger World, but now you’re totally on fire!!! this stuff looks super killer awesome!!! like a pheonix you’ve risen from the ashes of the funeral I’d mentally had for you wink
keep kickin’ ass fella. this stuff and the BCN show are frickin’ GREAT!!!

Posted by CHIMP  on  03/31  at  03:02 PM


I’ve always been a fan of yours but this is without a doubt THE MOST AMAZING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN

One day, I too will be a doodler as great as Mr. Burgerman. :]

Posted by Jim  on  04/11  at  04:46 PM

Wow!  I agree with them, you’ve gone to the step up, sure.

Posted by FBZ  on  04/14  at  12:04 PM
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