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Gribba Grub


My first proper monograph is released;
Jon Burgerman is haunted by the Gribbas, they gnaw at his fragile mental state, which is a lot kinder that what the Grubs will do if they get hold of him. Descend into a world of colour and confusion brought about from 12 months of intensive drawing, traveling, idle thoughts and snacking. Photos, mashed up compositions, scrappy collages and knotted line work make up a book that is a to be considered an artwork on its own accord.


A lot of the content is exclusive to the book, across its 160 pages. It is also a limited edition so once it’s gone it’s gone forever, and these ROJO editions are often very popular so be quick if you would like a copy. It is available direct from ROJO.





posted 13/03/08 in 2D Work

canĀ“t wait to get that masterpiece in my hands!

Posted by Stefan Joch  on  03/13  at  07:48 PM

very nice JB!

Posted by Ellie  on  03/31  at  12:40 PM

We want it now !!!!

Posted by lezilus  on  03/31  at  02:58 PM

Jon that amazing, wonderful…once again!

Posted by loviworld  on  03/31  at  06:12 PM

I just got my copy… This is my first Burgerman-masterpiece, but certainly not my last!  wink

Posted by Gasille  on  04/01  at  10:35 AM

Ooow sweet! Am I in there somewhere? :D

Posted by Meffi  on  04/06  at  03:56 PM
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