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Hurrah! The techy wizards have finally delivered my first ever, super special, iPhone app - Inkstrumental !!!

The app lets you make and share crazy music with your friends. You can choose from a vast array of characters, each with their own weird sound that when tapped, is automatically played, recorded and added to the wonky, hypnotic, rolling beats. By combining all the characters and sounds on offer you can create and record a mash-up of noise and mayhem. A sure fire way to delight and annoy in equal measure.

By hitting the YouTube icon you can share your music video with all friends and the rest of the world (who have access to the internet and YouTube).

If you have an iPhone or a friend with an iPhone check it out ASAP and let me know what you think!
Inkstrumental™ is available for £2.39 here.






There’s a nice article all about the app here.

posted 11/05/10 in Animations

I got this on release day and I can’t stop tapping the girl with the ‘crown’ that goes “b’guaaah!”

Wonderfully silly smile

Posted by Matt  on  05/14  at  03:09 PM

wazzzz uppp ????  wink

Posted by sophie thomas  on  07/05  at  01:38 PM

i really like yr art i found it on are i really liked it so i am using your design for my gcse’s

Posted by eleanor  on  07/09  at  06:58 PM
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