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A lot of people have been asking me out this, here’s the latest test.

...Inkstrumentals™ are coming! Visit the official site! image This crazy game, coming soon for iPhone and iPod touch, lets you create music by touching the characters, who each play a sound from a selection of weird and wonderful samples and noises. You can make different tunes by putting the characters in various sequences and touching them like a synthesizer keyboard. You will also be able share your Inkstrumental™ creations with other users, and hear what inkstrumentalists™ around the globe have come up with. Inkstrumentals™ is a collaboration between Jon Burgerman and digital design studio ustwo™ (the people who brought us iPhone apps MouthOff™ and Steppin™). Keep an eye out for the Inkstrumentals™ crew, who will be rockin an iPhone stage near you soon!

posted 30/09/09 in 2D Work Animations

Yay, like Electrplankton with extra visual awesomeness! I need to get an i-Phone. :(

Posted by Upaa  on  04/30  at  02:49 PM

looks awesome!

Posted by wrecka  on  05/12  at  03:10 AM

i would get an iphone just for this .

Posted by shane  on  05/28  at  02:10 AM

This is really cute

Posted by Yuan  on  06/02  at  04:32 AM

When is it actually out ?!  if you know….
i have had iphone for 1 year , getting new one , been looking out for this app for ages ! and its just so cute (!)

Posted by Emily  on  06/28  at  05:16 PM

Wow, what a great idea.  With the popularity of music games like guitar hero and rock band, the timing could not be better for this!

Posted by Forex News  on  07/17  at  02:41 AM

Brilliant as usual - Heard you are visiting Newcastle later this year. Hope this is true!

Posted by Mike Ireland  on  08/01  at  03:05 PM


Posted by Efth  on  12/29  at  08:24 AM

Awesome,reall good news to us.thanks for the info.

Posted by James  on  01/23  at  05:23 AM

Very cool. The characters look like they’re geared towards children. I will have to get the app, if only so my daughter can play with it.  She loves playing with my iPhone!

Posted by Gumball Machines  on  05/10  at  09:42 PM

Good stuff,and the blog is wonderful.Thanks.

Posted by james  on  09/01  at  02:45 AM

Wow,having this application on iPhone would be a fun.I love the 2nd video in which characters are dancing in a funny way.That is awesome.

Posted by Smart  on  12/13  at  11:41 AM

Glad that I found this off of our in-links lol! This is one cool-a*s app and I’ve got kids ... but find myself playing with their toys more than they do. Nice posting!

Posted by guru  on  01/21  at  08:17 AM
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