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Laptop Etching

burgerized. from jason lefton on Vimeo.

posted 18/08/09 in 3D Work

That is so f*cking cool.

Posted by Ralph Krawczyk Jr  on  08/18  at  02:39 PM

That is unequivocally cool. Surest way to get your laptop stolen in a cafe, also! Wow.

Posted by Jeremy  on  08/19  at  03:57 PM

i want mine doing

Posted by mimi  on  08/19  at  06:51 PM

you have no idea how much that would make me happy if that was on my Alienware.

Posted by Jay Dingwall  on  08/24  at  11:52 AM

Great idea. But what’s the name of the song?

Posted by woostix  on  08/24  at  02:55 PM

Hey that’s really nice! what a crazy process.

Posted by Elaine  on  08/27  at  08:16 PM

that…is…so…f’ing…awsome! Total genius.

Posted by mick statham  on  08/31  at  01:42 PM

Hey you are such a gr8 artist i love your work i am realy influenced by u. but i am not very good at drawing?

Posted by Ronan11  on  09/10  at  04:32 PM

This is amazing. It looks so cool on the mac book.

Posted by Philth  on  09/28  at  12:28 PM

Surest way to get your laptop stolen in a cafe, also! Wow. ..thanks for sharing..

Posted by jason  on  11/11  at  04:59 AM

Great insights! I watched the video. It was superb.

Posted by Liza  on  11/23  at  06:50 AM
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