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Lewis wanted his arm tattooed in doodles, so I drew him some especially for the job. Here’s some photos of the fresh ink.


posted 17/05/11 in 2D Work

I want one of these, can i pay for it?

Posted by Luís Costa  on  05/17  at  04:51 PM

I am jealous! If I had a tattoo I would want it to be like this!

Posted by Mark Jennings  on  05/22  at  03:12 PM

Any pics of the finished tat?

Posted by George McKnight  on  05/23  at  08:41 PM

This is insane.
How do you feel as a designer that people want tats of your designs?

Posted by Frank Suyker  on  05/24  at  10:10 PM

I want to colour him.

Posted by Katy Stegosaurus  on  06/13  at  11:22 AM

Well jell of this! AMAZING!!!

Posted by debs  on  06/16  at  11:11 AM
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