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Little Big Planet Stickers


My stickers for the great and popular game Little Big Planet are going to be released this week.
For more details check this link.


posted 22/06/09 in 2D Work

nice work Jon, this captures the silly and bizarre ideals of the LBP world, i shall be slapping these all over the place. thank you.

Posted by mobiletone  on  06/25  at  05:09 PM

he actually is responsible for making “doodler” an option in linkedin!

Posted by Ari  on  08/11  at  09:49 PM

More funny stickers for my little big planets house thanks smile... the link to the blog is great lots of info about LBP1 and 2 will be bookmarking bought.

Posted by Rebe86  on  06/25  at  08:39 PM
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