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Live Drawing At ustwo

Hello internet, tune in and watch me doodle live, right now! I’m in London at ustwo, the studio of dreams, drawing on their white walls. Watch in amazement as I slowly scrawl over the walls and disappear occasionally to go to the loo or get a cup of tea.

You can see a sped up version of it here (recommended!)

Free video streaming by Ustream

posted 04/12/09 in Animations

All my heroes uinited!

Posted by buero augenbluten  on  12/04  at  01:11 PM


Posted by Jim  on  12/04  at  01:12 PM

i’m loving watching this. you work so quickly!

Posted by Matt Bannister  on  12/04  at  01:13 PM

Hi Jon! Big ups and Prost from St.Pauli Hamburg! M

Posted by Förtress  on  12/04  at  01:13 PM

“i think someone should get fieeeeerd”

hahah good time to tune in

Posted by nadia  on  12/04  at  01:28 PM

Well this is both surreal and awesome. I loves the interwebs somedays! grin

Posted by Liam  on  12/04  at  01:28 PM

Thanks for the show Jon :D

Posted by Mauro  on  12/04  at  02:56 PM

Hmm, I think you missed a bit there. Oh and you went out over the lines…

Posted by BRENB  on  12/04  at  04:20 PM

you are darling.

Posted by s  on  12/04  at  05:00 PM

Amazing! Keep going Jon! Thanks for sharing your process!

Posted by Angela  on  12/04  at  05:00 PM

Can’t believe you’re still going after all these hours!

You must have been working on it since like 12pm?

Posted by Matt  on  12/04  at  05:07 PM

liking the yellow shoes smile looking good both u and ur work . . . x

Posted by dom  on  12/04  at  05:53 PM

It’s really awesome video…Love u much!

Posted by Andrew  on  12/21  at  06:12 PM

Thank you for this blog. I have watched the video and I really liked it.

Posted by Taurus  on  03/15  at  10:07 AM
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