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Live Painting in Vegas

I was invited by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Kidrobot to paint live in their artists studio for the weekend.

I made four new paintings based on common gambling phrases and their possible double meanings.
The paintings are now part of the permanent collection of art owned by The Cosmopolitan.
Thanks to The Cosmopolitan and Kidrobot.

posted 26/06/11 in Exhibitions


very impressive work

Posted by BellaTunno  on  07/11  at  08:38 PM

You make the art I love the most from all over this world. When I look at your characters they make me smile and I feel like I know them and then I realize I could be going crazy but no! I’m not! smile and this is a very very fucking great feeling.

Posted by Lucia  on  07/23  at  05:45 PM

Wow! I love this paintings. Very inspiring. smile
Looks awsome. smile

Posted by Henrik Broden  on  08/03  at  01:09 PM

Very impressive !
I love your style.

Posted by Pana  on  08/17  at  01:26 PM

Great video! What a painter. I really loved his work.

Posted by chea  on  08/27  at  06:25 AM

Congratulations. It must have been quite nerve wracking to paint under those conditions. It seems to add a performance art element.

Posted by Datingsa  on  09/11  at  11:04 AM

smile I totally love this Live Painting in Vegas. The paintings feel so alive. A new dimension. I want one. smile

Posted by henry  on  09/20  at  08:56 AM

I love your work so much !
I met you a few months ago when you visited my college.
I’m at uni now smile ... I’d just like to say thank you for your advice and answering my many questions aha.
I look forward to seeing more of your work and hope one day I can be this good !
P.s. Love the socks in this video aha :D

Posted by Hannah  on  09/21  at  02:16 PM

Your way of interpreting your subject is different from mine but it’s unique and really cool.

Posted by David Shepherd  on  10/10  at  05:27 PM

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