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Movember Auction


Original drawing for an online auction for Movemeber. Made with Posca pen and my own beard trimmings!

Available for bids here.

This one-off piece of artwork was inspired by the moustache in aid of the moustache growing charity Movember (the month formerly known as November). All proceeds from the sale go to Action Prostate Cancer. You can get involved with Movember by registering on

posted 03/11/09 in 2D Work

This means that a cancer-healthy lifestyle must be sustained over a long period of time to be of value in preventing cancer from occurring. Some risk factors – such as race, family history or age -cannot be modified, while others, especially diet and weight, can be controlled. The Prostate Cancer Foundation suggests that men wanting to reduce their risk of prostate cancer eat fewer red meats and high-fat dairy products, eat five or more servings of vegetables and fruits each day, exercise regularly and maintain a normal weight.

Posted by prostate cancer  on  11/04  at  05:25 AM

ummm…isn’t that a bit of a disgusting stuff?!

Posted by eric tabuena  on  11/05  at  06:30 AM

is it really made of Ur own beard!i guess this will greatly inspire those who wants grow a mustache & finding no good excuse to do so,until

Posted by forevern  on  11/19  at  02:05 PM

To my great surprise, my wife presented this to me as an X;mas present this year. Fantastic and my first original Burgerman! And the proceeds going to a great cause…

Posted by Kevin Bohan  on  12/30  at  11:30 AM
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