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New Era Collection


I am the first artist New Era have ever commissioned for a bespoke collection of caps. They are now released and available world wide across New Era flagship stores.

Buy them from here













posted 13/07/11 in 3D Work

where can i buy it?

Posted by flava  on  07/16  at  10:54 AM

they look so dope

Posted by bk  on  07/18  at  01:44 AM

where can i buy those caps!!!

Can i buy them in holland? wink

Greetz Quintin

Posted by Quintin  on  07/20  at  07:40 PM

Hey !
Where can we buy it, ‘cause i want to buy one !
Tks ! (:

Posted by Rwonald  on  07/20  at  10:25 PM

Order them from here

Posted by Jon on  07/23  at  06:22 PM

How can i buy this ?

Posted by Maruti Swift  on  08/18  at  12:12 PM

Awesome work!

Posted by Nicholas Olivier  on  08/31  at  02:26 PM

why is your site named webshite

Posted by muhib  on  09/07  at  12:26 PM

i hate jon burgerman but i luv his work

Posted by akhtar hussain  on  09/07  at  12:46 PM

Wow! I love these caps. My significant other also loves collecting caps. I remember giving him a cap as a gift for his graduation and he really loved it. He’s still using it and don’t want other people to touch it. That’s really weird but sweet.

Posted by uuu  on  09/20  at  05:24 PM

I had never heard of jon burgerman until i had seen his hats on new era and got one. its the best money i have ever spent. everyone asks where i got it and obviously there all sold out. now im studying him in my college course and im so happy i can wear my hat while doing so :3

Posted by Chloe k  on  09/20  at  07:14 PM
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