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Over Stimulated


This new 30x50cm screenprint is now available from




Also available is a very special blue version with spray paint and original hand drawn elements on each one.

posted 25/02/10 in 2D Work

Wow! These are really wonderful artworks! The blues and the blacks is a good combination, This also reminds me of The Notebook Doodles, a person’s artworks of her thoughts while doodling down on her notebook. Hope to see more of these kinds of artworks in your blog. smile

Posted by lutho  on  02/16  at  07:44 AM

Those were some really cool art work and I am sure that there wouldn’t be any problem getting that eye-catching screen-print sold!! I like the style - especially the blue, black and white color combination which I felt was very eye-catching! It would be really nice to see in detail of how Jon does his work as it would help us to understand how the work is done! I hope we can see more of his work here to enjoy some of the delightful work he comes up with!!

Posted by  on  05/18  at  04:15 AM
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