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Paralysis of Choice


This exhibition opened at Electrik Sheep in Newcastle on 27 November 2009.

Electrik Sheep, 22 Pink Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15DW, UK.


Pens kindly supplied by the excellent people at POSCA.






posted 21/11/09 in Exhibitions

Name suggestion: The blue dog dance

Posted by Alan  on  11/23  at  01:19 PM

Looking foreward to your exhibition at electrik sheep starting this friday. going to have a piece hung on my wall very soon. Maybe name the black and white one after something to do with newcastle bit cliche with it being black and white but only idea i’ve got.

Posted by Will forsyth  on  11/23  at  03:27 PM

Really cool Jon! Congratzzz!!!

Posted by Rui Parada  on  11/25  at  04:47 PM

Saw your work in Computer Arts.  What I really like about it is that it truly original and breaking down boundaries.  I think your exhibition will be sell-out. Congrats.

Posted by Maureen Mitchell  on  11/26  at  03:52 PM

Your work remind me of Picasso, congrat Jon!

Posted by bambang pe  on  12/23  at  07:37 AM

these are awesome! really funky, i like them. I’d actually have one of these in my flat, which is more than i’ve ever said about any other piece of art! is the exhibition still there? I’ve not actually been down to Electrik Sheep, it looks pretty fun whenever I’ve been past though.

Posted by jeff  on  02/10  at  10:46 AM

Amazing! I love this stuff.

Posted by Jeff  on  02/16  at  11:24 AM
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