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Pens Are My Friends Book


My new monograph is released.
Visit the mini site to find out all about it -
For a limited time only you can buy it from this site.

posted 02/10/08 in 2D Work

Just got your book. It is so beautiful! Every page is a treat. Thanks for making it!

(I spotted a typo on page 68. “Duudlevile” is spelt with one “l”. Do I win a prize?)

Posted by Ian  on  10/14  at  08:50 PM

Thanks for the book…

Pens are my Friends is a truly Precious Thing!  I can’t leave it alone!

You are a modern day National Treasure!!

Posted by Claire Underwood  on  10/16  at  02:02 PM

I feel a ‘Dear Santa’ coming on…but will he be able to squeeze this and a stack of Heroes in his sack? And am I not a bit old to be writing to Santa? Well, can’t do any harm ;P
Keep scribbling smile

Posted by Brian  on  10/23  at  08:10 AM

what a great book..
unfortunately it also shows lots of tshirts i didnt know existed, so i need to search around and spend more money..

loads of great pictures , a nice poster and cd included (havent had chance to look yet)

wayne (urban vinyl online store)

Posted by wayne  on  10/25  at  11:50 PM
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