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Snowflakes and Bandmates


Anxieteam are back, joined by a host of cool bands, playing in Brooklyn on 20 December 2010 at Zebulon!

Raise a glass or three in seasonal cheer at the festive celebration that is Snowflakes and Bandmates night at Zebulon.

This exciting slice of the NYC music scene features the droney eclecticism’s of local quintet My Favourite Things to the immigrant Russian freshness of White Whine. Sugarlife delight in extrovert freak-out performance whilst the bouncy pop duo Anxieteam will have you humming sweet melodies as you wade home through the crystalline blankets of Brooklyn snow.

My Favourite Things
White Whine

Bid your fellow man Christmas treats and beats on the 20th at Zebulon from 8.30pm at Snowflakes and Bandmates.

Come out and enjoy the music, and have a drink and a dance with us!! This will be a lot of fun!

posted 14/12/10 in Exhibitions
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