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Time-lapse NYC

This is a time-lapse video of a mural I made in January at the AOL headquarters in Manhattan, New York.

This commission was organised by Wolff Olins and my brilliant agents in London Debut Art.
Massive thanks to the great Malcolm Buick and supreme Alicianne Rand.

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posted 19/02/10 in 2D Work Animations

hello! mister jon burgerman, will you by any chance be attending the napoli comicon this year? thank you so very much.

Posted by silvia g  on  03/15  at  09:02 AM

I think I might be yes!

Posted by Jon on  03/15  at  01:47 PM

nice!  -you should have sneaked one of my little bomb guys in there. ha!

Posted by Z  on  04/14  at  10:15 AM

Hi Jon

Nice jumper! Hope you are well?

We would love to do another feature/cover with you.

Let us know if you are up for it.

Mell ;o)- Freeq

Posted by Mel Harrison  on  04/16  at  10:30 PM

Hey Jon,
It’s so cool to watch art being made like this…how long did the mural take in real-time?  Your art and characters have such a unique vibe to them.  I’m a fan!
Keep up the great work.

Posted by Simon  on  05/12  at  01:09 PM

Very awesome to see you in action!  Do you have any formal training or is this something you’ve developed on your own through the years?

Posted by Lisa Caponigri  on  06/16  at  01:55 PM

Very awesome to see you in action!

Posted by  on  08/03  at  03:20 AM

What did you use to draw this, its so amazing, youre one of my biggest inspirations thanks Jon!

Posted by MAx Jedwab  on  01/21  at  10:34 AM
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