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Yimmi Bites


High in flight over the shimmering night lights of Burgertown Yimmi began to ponder the really big questions in life; ‘Why are we here? Is there any point to learning Algebra ? Why do socks get smelly but not gloves? How do they get jam inside of donuts? Why do people laugh when I put on my Moo-Cow Lute and Banjo Folk Collective records ?’
Shooting through the clouds Yimmi failed to notice a rapidly approaching hi-rise building, lost in his rambling thoughts. Luckily enough he escaped smashing his head into a solid brick wall, instead shooting through an already open window and landing squarely on to a comfortable sofa. Slightly dazed by the experience Yimmi turned to the grimacing habitant of the flat he had abruptly just entered, a quizzical expression upon his face. ‘Do you know the secret of the donuts?’

posted 25/01/06 in 2D Work
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