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Frequently asked questions

What would your dream commission or job be and why?

I think I’d like to work with a baker and design a series of character cakes and buns. People could buy them, look at them, get bored of them and then eat them. No waste and full bellies before bedtime, it’d be perfect!

Asked by Kerry Wheeler |
Do you have a certain philosophy on design/life in general?

I think it might be; Less waste, less haste, less hate, less work. Time is so short so you should try and have fun whilst not ruining anyone else’s fun at the same time.

Asked by Kerry Wheeler |
Is there a meaning behind your drawings, are the characters linked in anyway?

There’s meaning behind almost everything, even if its only a really small meaning. There’s meaning behind my work, perhaps more so my paintings and drawings that aren’t client commissioned, but i try and squeeze in my own thoughts into everything. In fact, it’s difficult not to. The characters all come from the same place and all live in the same world. Some are Northern, others Southern, Eastern or Western. Some are friends, others have never met, but they all breathe the same air and often snore in their sleep.

Asked by Kerry Wheeler |
How do you feel about people using your work without your knowledge?

I don’t like it at all. Here’s an interesting blog about the subject, check it out.

Do you do own production for your products or do you have a factory emulating your style?

I generally do not deal directly with either production or distribution but I personally oversee and design every piece of merchandise myself. There is no-one emulating my work but there are different people organising and dealing with the production side of things, which leaves me to concentrate on the artwork.

Asked by Jason |
Where are you from, what did you study, what is your shoe size?

I originate from the Midlands in the UK. I studied Fine Art at university in Nottingham, graduating in 2001. My shoe size is UK size 10, but on very rare occasions I can just about squeeze into a size 9 when a 10 isn’t available and I really like the shoes.

You have had commissions from MTV, Sony, The Science Museum etc… how did these come about ?

Word of mouth mainly, along with the right people seeing my work somewhere and having a commission available that would suit my style and ideas. Often you can’t force a commission, something suitable just has to come along, at the right time.

Asked by Nino |
Who would be your dream company to approach you to create work for them ?

I’d like to make some cardigans with Henrik Vibskov.

Asked by Nino |
What is the worst piece of criticism you’ve received about your work ?

That it looks like a child has drawn it. I mean, children often have amazing imaginations and their drawings are really loose, free and uninhibited. I wish I could draw like that.

Asked by Nino |
On an everyday basis do you work alone or within a team and which do you prefer?

Pretty much I work all on my own… sobs. I really like working with other people though and sometimes it’s the only way to complete a project.

Asked by Tracey Skinley |
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